Thursday, 24 April 2014


I woke up and K already awake…staring at me. I am still abit tipsy and then K took my left hand and placed my hand on his pant.

I still unaware of what happening… it was then K did next shocked me. He slided my hand into his pant… let me touch his penis.

Once I aware of it… his pant already drop on the floor and guiding my hand to hold his hard penis. He is sliding my hand holding his penis up and down.


“Huuu…ahh ahh ahh…” he moaned

I was  shocked…but it was too late as my hand is holding his penis moving up and down. It didn’t take long… when I realised that my pussy was dripping wet too.

So I started stroking his penis faster and faster.. in my mind there is no harm done where I am merely helping a young man to release his load.


I keep on stroking…


“Ah..ah..ah… ah yessssssssss” K came and spurting his sperm all over.

I looked at K “You better wash up…I need to get some rest”


K went into the toilet and wash. Later he came out “Goodnight and thanks”

I lead him to the door and he kissed my cheek before he left.

So I was left alone, wondering what had happened… am I going too far? Sure K will want somemore… or can I stop him or even myself.

I am so guilty.



Things got along normal for a week…as we are out auditing. Till one day.. it was actually few days before christmas, K and I were staying late for report.

Suddenly, K brought up a present to me… with nice christmas wrapping.


“Christmas gift.. thanks for all your guidance”

“Wow..first time I got gift from a colleague”

“Hope you like it”


I open the gift… what inside was a little surprised. It is a pink satin g-string… as I slowly take it out from the box.


“Why are you giving this to me… come on like I am going to wear it”

“Why not?” he puzzled.


“It is so uncomfortable….”

“Haven’t you think of wearing something sexy… something new? Honestly have you been experimenting naughty things these few weeks.”

“Yah.. but this is  different”


“Come on… just try once …if you don’t like it… you can throw away. I won’t be angry”


Then it is quiet… we resume our work. In my mind, I was thinking.

I struggled a few days whether to wear the g-string … of course I hid it away from Alex. Finally, it was last day of our report work in the office…that morning I waited Alex to leave work… then I went back to the room and changed my panty to the g-string.


All the time… when I was driving to office… I am so excited and my pussy was very wet. The thin material of the g-string is even giving me itchy feeling on my lower body…as well as my pussy. No wonder ladies who wear them tend to want sex… now I knew it.


Work was as usual… stressful…not until I realized everyone in the office started leaving…so it was 730pm. K pat me at back…


“Heh want to grab something to eat first.. before we finished up…”



In the cafĂ©… K noticed me a bit uneasy..

“What’s wrong with you today… you look uneasy..”

“Huh… yes it is a bit difficult you know wearing…” I whisper

“Oh… you wear it today… wow, I wish I can see … can I” he whispered

“Of course not…so embarrassing you know”




Then we continued our work in the office. No one was around anymore. Soon K dropped his pen… and he went under the table. I just pretended working… it was long and K is not coming up. Suddenly there was a pair of hands holding my legs.


“What are you doing..”

“Please can I see…just once, please..”


Before I could answered… his hands already parted my both legs…simultaneously lifting my mini skirt up all the way up ..showing my g-string.


“Ahhh..” I shuddered ..his fingers already rubbing my g-string.

Then I just bit my lips… as K rubbing my g-string… I could felt my pussy was so wet already.

“You are sooo wet…” K sounded


“Huuh… huh..huh huh…donnn’t, K pleeaasee stop” I am moaning.

But it was too late, K’s fingers already sliding to my pussy and started to massage my

clitoris. It was too sensitive to handle…


“Ahhhhh… uh uh uh uh…” I moaned

My lower body is moving rhythm along with his finger massage.


“Huh..huh..huh…ahhhhhhhhh.” my juice just flowed out… so much.

At that point of time… I already cannot control.


“K… please put a finger in me…. Huhuhuhuh”

He did as I told…. I could feel his finger poking in me….and I had orgasm…


“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” my body jerked and jerked.


After minutes… I just got up and cleaned myself in the toilet.

So… I couldn’t bare the guilty and I call it a day…leaving K working alone.


Things went busy… till we back to office. First day… K  already put a package on my table. When I went home and opened it, it was another g-string satin in purple. It didn’t need much thinking, I wore it on the next day.


When everyone left the office, I stayed back so was K. 30 minutes after, K came over to my desk.


“So… you managed to see what in the package?” K asked

“Well… I guess you not going to find out…too bad” I replied


K was so daring…that he just put his hand each on each of my foot. Slowly parted my feet… exposing the purple satin g-string I am wearing.

 Without delay, his fingers are roaming on my panty… then into my pussy. I moaned…and moaned. I let him touched my pussy… rubbing my clitoris. I even asked him to move his fingers faster and deeper in my pussy… I was soo wet.

It was so good letting him to invade my pussy… knowing it so naughty.


I came twice that night…before parted… K french kissed me… and I allowed it.



Things went uneventful for a week…. we just texted each other greetings and I try to remind K that we should stop this game of ours, but K didn’t give up and keep giving compliments on how I dress and etcs. Report week has reached last day… and next monday we are going to audit another company near Nilai... so K suggested that he pick me up and straight headed to the company since it is far… so I agreed as only two of us will be auditing the company.


On Sunday night…I received text from K as followed..


K *What time should I pick you up?

    *I think around 830am

K *Ok… is your husband be around?

    *Nope…he usually left at 800am

K *Good


K *I will buy you breakfast… we can eat at your place ok? Since we got an hour    




That night…I kept thinking K might be cheeky on the breakfast thing and it play my mind so much.


Next morning.. when Alex left for work… I decided not to shower first instead I opened my wardrobe and took out my silver satin chemise. I was not thinking straight…I just wear it and even removed my panty out.


Then I hear the door bell… K was in front of the door.


“Wow… you haven’t get ready”

“Yup… Help yourselves… in the kitchen…” I replied


Then I went back to the room thinking to head straight for shower as now I am guilty already. As I was about to head to the bathroom…K was behind of me hugging me.


“K…no this is bad” I told him

It was too late… as his hands already on my both breasts…playing my nipples.

“I am a naughty boy” he whispered and started kissing my neck.


I stood there letting my nipples been played… till I felt K penis sliding on the my back.


“See you also naughty didn’t have any panty” he parted my legs…

“Don’t do this K” I moaned as his penis has touched my pussy lips from the back.


With one push..K has entered me. I am so wet.


“Ahhhhhh…………why you so naughty…”I moaned

He is pushing deeper into me.

“Arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. don’t” I can’t stop him anymore.


K is now pumping in and out his penis in my pussy. The wetness and itchiness in my pussy is so intense…that I couldn’t hold back…so I came.


“Huh…huh huh…huh huh…….commminnngg”I shouted…my body just shuddered.

I just collapsed on the floor.


“Huh?” K was looking at me as I just pull away from his penis.


“Shhhh….wait” I need the rest as my orgasm so heavy.


It was a minute… K just stood there with his frown face. I moved to the bed… then I spread my legs…and smile to him.


“Come….” I whispered

K without hestitation…. just jump on the bed… and entered me again.

He pump and pump…enjoying his prized gift.


“Ahhh..mmmh sooo nice… make me soo naughty boy” he moaned.

I just followed his rhythm …trying to squeeze his penis with my pussy….K like it

So much…that he keep pumping faster and faster.


“Oooo … ooo… I aammm cumiinnngg” K shouted but he still continued pumping..

The itch in my pussy was so tremendous… as I could felt his sperm spurt into my pussy…I move faster and fast… until I came… shortly after.


We both hugged together… then I finally awake that I did something very very wrong.


“Better go to shower now… or we will be late”


K followed me into the bathroom… we showered together… and packed our things off to work.


Friday, 26 July 2013


Here is something to share about, like usual a couple of us like to sat down, drink and brag about our sexual encounter. This one is a bit harsh experience to accept so bare with me.. as the first time we talked about it.. we were upset as well. One of us was mentioned about a colleague of his recently resigned as he was dragging a divorce case with his wife for 6mths. So we asked what has happened..


His colleague- Alex was married to the wife - Christine  as soon as they got out of university and stay together ever since. So Alex is an engineer while Christine is an auditor… Alex and Christine are university sweet heart and felt in love and got married. To Alex, Christine is a typical nice and plain girl who don’t try anything new even choosing her under wear. So they have married for 8 years and still no planning to have children yet.


But things started to change last year… Christine started to buy sexy panties, bra and eventually led to sexy lingerie. Alex didn’t suspect anything as he was busy and travel outstation often. Eventually, things burst out when one day Alex got an email from someone named  K… mentioning that his wife is having an affair. At first, Alex didn’t believed it so replying to K it was bullshit. It was the next email got Alex so shocked that crushed his heart. According to Alex, the email written the details of the affair, how it happened as well as 2 photos of his wife in sexy pose. Alex asked K out but no reply which finally he confronted his wife with the photos. Christine was shocked with the photos… as Alex was upset. Christine begged Alex for forgiveness and told Alex everything as requested by Alex.


The Affair (Christine confession)


After 7 years in the company, today a batch of new recruits has arrived. K was assigned to my team. I was directly given instruction to train K so I did by showing him around the company and etc. During lunch time, I got to know K a bit graduated from UPM Serdang, staying in KL with family and only 21 year old.


Things seem to be normal for a couple of weeks before one of mine team member got admitted to hospital for dengue fever. Basically left me and K to finish up the audit report. Since we are short of manpower, I suggested K and I to do OT. On the second day, around 8pm it was all started… I noticed K kept picking stationery from the floor. I was wondering why he is not concentrating on the report… eventually I figured out. He was looking up my skirt! I was stunned awhile trying to regain what happened. So I waited K to pick his stationery next and so I turned down also and caught him.


“What are you doing ?”

“Uhhh.. picking thing up..”


After that… K didn’t pick thing up…continued working.

The third day, we are almost finished the report… again K started picking up things.

This time I didn’t bother to catch him… unless he started to annoy me. I don’t know what had got into me that morning, I purposely took my maroon panty with lace and wear it. Hoping K will peep on my panty… thinking no harm as I still have attraction.

After a few peeps which I pretend not to bother but eventually my body did react to this filtration and my vagina started to get wet. It was so wrong of me since I am married and then this young man who 9 years younger kept sneaking on my panty.

So we finalized the report and when home… that night Alex and I had a great outstanding love making coz I am so horny.


For two weeks, we were out for auditing so.. nothing much had happened. Soon in a day or two it will be office and writing report. That weekend, Alex and I went shopping so I deliberately wanted to change my under wears… so I end up buying 3 sets of match bras and panties. (In my hearts I was flush with excitement. .it was so wrong- one satin black, one white laced, one purple lace where the panty is partial transparent)


Writing report days finally arrived, I took the liberty to wear the white laced set of bra and panty that day along with my white blouse and black mini skirt. It was till 8pm, the office left two of us again… the other member just left as he need to pick up his wife. After awhile, I took off my jacket… leaving of my white blouse continue working. Then.. K was gone under the table.. I knew it! So I turn down also..


“Hey.. again”

“Huh.. nothing lah” caught red handed.

“Hahaha… very funnyleh”

“Nolah nothinglah…”

There was a silent under the desk… before I somehow burr out “Don’t get too distracted leh…and make sure don’t distract me.”


So I resumed back up and continued my work. K followed shortly. About 15 mins into it… K smiled at me and he was gone under again. My heart was pounding.. knowing he is peeping. Out of the sudden, I parted my legs wider…letting him to see a better view. That is how I approved our flirtations. When he went back up.. he just smiled, no conversation at all. The 2nd day.. it was the black satin and the 3rd was the purpled set.


I was so wet… when reach home… unfortunately Alex didn’t responded to me. It was the 4th day, I am sooo daring half way through work… I took out my panty in the toilet.  I wanted to see the face of K…when he look under my skirt. I have to waited around 9pm… where the other colleague took off. I was so busy concentrating on the report that I didn’t notice K was under the desk…it was when he made the choking sound. I quickly squad under….he looked at me.



“Pen fallen down…”

“Hahaha.. know what you saw..”

“Huh..seem like someone is naughty”

“Glad you like it…”

“Very much…”


So we resumed our work. This issue never mentioned by anyone of us till one day while I was having lunch with K. He kept starring at me… so I asked


“What ..something wrong?’

“No, just you look very nice today”

“What are you thinking… in your naughty mind… get a girlfriend” I know that time he is single.

“No, really you look nice.”

“Come on… if you trying to seduce me your chances is zero. I am married ok”

“Yahh, as though I didn’t see under your skirt”

“Sssshhhh, it was just out of sudden fun, nothing else ok”

“Come on, like  you never think about it. At least I am frank, I got hard-on every time you do that, you know”


“Well, like it or not… I will prove my chances is not zero.”

“Come on, get a girlfriend”

“Yah… as though I got lots of experience..”

“Really tell me…”


Me and my busy body.. kept asking K about his girlfriend… He told me he got one in Uni, and broke off during last of uni. They didn’t even manage to go all the way – making love just heavy petting. He even told me he fingered her till she came. That lunch, I am so wet again.


Eventually, there are occasionally sms between K and me on phone. Luckily Alex didn’t suspect. I was in dilemma but felt nice at least like someone is courting me.

As long as I didn’t break the line…thinking eventually K will found a girlfriend and wont pay attention to me… perhaps I am just his close buddy. I was wrong, guy is still guy, he will work to get what he want sex. It was one particular night (two weeks later), I called K to pick a report from my home since I forgot to leave it in the office. I needed to submit the report since I took the next morning off to pick up Alex from airport. So K agreed to help… I am glad but didn’t think this has lead to something I loss control.


I told K to park at my condo in door car park so I will go downstairs to pass to him. When K called, I rushed downstairs… he parked at a corner well the level was usually empty since it is a visitor area… of course it is 11pm already. I jumped into the passenger seat.


“Wow..” K commented


“You realized you are like running around almost naked leh”


Then I realized that I am just wearing a white spaghetti-t and short…worst I didn’t had my bras on! So K just stared…


“Sorry… I am at home ...ok”

 I told him what to do… into 5 mins, he just started to stare at me… specially my spaghetti-t.


“Come on…”

“Ahhh.. how can I concentrate….”

“Ah..yah… you lucky already got to see me in this stage”

“Your breasts look nice…the nipples are so erected” K whispered

Hearing him saying that…immediately coz me wet.

“Stop that… it is just cold you know”

“But it is really very hard to concentrate leh…”

“Come on listen…”


I kept explaining the last bits to K… but didn’t realized that his hand already placed on my lap.


“Can I touch…just once…” his hand already rubbing my lap.

“No…please don’t later it is too far…” I didn’t stop his hand thinking just a touch.

Then I continued explaining pretending I didn’t aware… his fingers already at the band of my shorts. It was a little gesture I adjusted my body letting his hand slide into my shorts and my panty. I still explaining he just looked and I just talk like normal.

His fingers slowly reaching my labia.. I am so wet and my heart is pounding thinking whether to let him continue. Before I could decide.. his fingers already massaging my pussy. I let a soft moan..




I continued talking.. with interruptions. His fingers was massaging my clitoris …I jerk abit and moan. At that time… it was all blank, the pace started to get faster… my body followed his rhythm …I wanted him to put the fingers in my pussy… but he only massaged my clitoris until I moan and moan… it was then I jerk and jerk to orgasm.


“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, huh huh huh huh huh”


He looked at me and smiled.


“Naughty..” I just replied


I quickly passed the report to him… and took off.

What have I done… so much guilt but the same time exciting. The whole night I couldn’t sleep kept rewinding the incident in the car park.

The following work day, it was so much silent till lunch time…K invited me to have lunch. I accepted it.


“I am sorry about that night, I hope didn’t do more damage” K apologized

“I am so confuse that is all, but it time to stop as it has reach the borderline ..ok”



So we both agreed to stop… we chat again during lunch like normal.

Things have been back to normal for a week…until that particular day Alex and I supposed to have a dinner date at a restaurant near my office- Pavillion. Anyway, when I reached Pavillion, Alex called that our date need to be cancelled since he got a meeting. So I wondered off around Pavillion till I smsed K whether he can join me for dinner. After awhile, K showed up… and we had dinner with normal chit-chat.

Then… we were wondering around Parkson, I am looking at dresses for the annual dinner. K was gladly giving me some opinion.. so I decided to try a few of the dress.

When I was about to try the last piece… a sms appeared.


** How were the dresses?

** I am into the last piece.

** So which one you choose?

** Why don’t u take a picture and mms me?

** Wait


So I tried on the last piece and took photo of myself.. mms K.


** Wow… this one look great


Indeed I like this piece also.. I was about reply his sms


** U have nice body

** Yes I like this piece also

** How about take a picture without the dress for me?


I didn’t realized what I was doing.. so just took off the dress. I posed with my black satin bra and panty…took a shoot and mms to K.


** Wow…nice but you need to upgrade your lingerie

** Naughty


So I came out of the fitting room…K kept staring at me. I paid the dress… then we parted.


Annual dinner have arrived… that night I dressed with the dress I bought in Pavillion. It indeed look great… K entire time was staring at me. By the end of the dinner… I am a bit tipsy after a few drinks. So some of my colleagues offer to send me home… since I am driving I refused. Somehow… I accepted K offer to drive my car home.. since he came to the dinner by LRT and he will take a taxi home once he sent me off.


Once we reached my condo… K asked whether he need to sent me up to my house. I nodded… as Alex was outstation. We managed to get into my house…. K put me on the sofa.


“Wow… your house look nice”

“Hahaha ..thanks”

“Let me get you a hot water..”

“It is in the kitchen…”


So K took me some hot water and we just lied on the sofa… it was long I finally woke up. K was still sleeping… I knew we had been sleeping on the sofa for an hour.


Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Masa sudah lalu hampir satu bulan, dari 1st time...sudah pun i mengalami 2 sesi lagi dengan client yang berlainan.

Pada suatu hari...i tekun menyiapkan tesis i...tiba-tiba sedar perpustakaan hampir tutup dan sudah tiada student lagi. I pun cepat menghabiskan pengulasan tesis sebelum beredar.

Sudah siap... I pun berperasaan Ms Lee berdiri di belakang i, lalu dia pun berduduk dihadapan i.

"Ms Lee ada case keh?" i tanya.
"Oh, bukan cuma berbual...dapat feedback dari client...u sangat natural dan power."

I senyum "Mana ada... biasa sahaja"

"Client bagi prestasi u 110% woh...member lain pun tak pernah ada feedback macam tu"
"Thank you" i segan sedikit
"Satu client suruh i try u...pasti rasa best...haha"
"Gurau sahaja... jangan serious"
I diam sahaja.

"Mahu pergi makan...i belanja reward u punya good performance" Ms Lee


Malam tu...dia bawa i ke KLCC makan fine kami pun chit chat pasal kolej n kerja dia.

I tanya dia sekarang seorang tak ada kawan... biasanya memang tak ada kawan hanya client-client utk entertain dia orang.

"So Ms Lee...biasa kat rumah buat apa?"
"Tak banyak... tengok tv, renang kat kondo punya pool... ituloh"
"Tak pernah ada perlu nak rasa... since husband pun tak" i beranikan diri tanya.
"Bf memang tak ada sebab takut tahu businessnya tu... kalau nak masa tu keluar negara atau main sendiri"
"Nampak macam tak ada close punya kawan"
"Sudah biasa... shopping pun seorang.. kalau ada adik pun bagus...hehe"
"Nampaknya..i sudah jadi potensi punya calon jadi adik u..hehe"
"Well kalau u ok...i suka juga"
"Well, kakak baik kita bayar"
"Ok... tapi kakak nak shopping sikit baru balik..ok?"

So i pun mengikut Ms Lee ke my surpise, kami berhenti di bahagian lingerie. I berdiri sahaja sementara dia memilih bra dan panty set... dia ambil set hijau, biru dan marron pergi try.


Tak lama kemudian, dia keluar…lepas itu dia tanya I mana set yang sesuai dia… dari jauh I nampak bra set biru tua dengan lace emas..I pun tunjuk itu. Ms Lee pun terus ambil dan pergi memcubanya. Akhirnya, dia beli set hijau dan pilihan I.




Dalam kereta…baru keluar dari KLCC.


“Kakak suka beli bra cantik-cantik…tak nampak pakai”

“Mana u tahu I tak pakai…” Ms Lee pun perlahan membuka butang blouse hitamnya.


I termenung … sampai butang ketiga dibukanya… bra coklat dengan lace hitam dipamerkan dengan teteknya yang agak besar nampaknya tak muat bra itu.



Dia ketawa… sambil memandu dan biar bra dengan tetek dipamerkan sahaja.

Tiba-tiba I memberanikan diri I “Kakak … betul keh you gurau pasal you nak try I?”


“Kenapa… darling adik…?”

“Tak tahu kenapa… malam ni, rasa sangat horny, nak rasa…”

Dia senyum… “Nak drop by Kakak condo for coffee?”

I mengangguk.




Sampai kondo..Ms Lee mempelawa I masuk.

Kondonya mempunyai 2 bilik... satu ruang tamu dan dapur. Kondo berwarna kelabu…tapi sangat terang dengan pelbagai lampu.


So…Ms Lee menyuruh I duduk di sofa L Lorenza kelabu…dia membancuh coffee.

So…kami pun minum coffee..di ruang tamu.


“Adik lepak dulu di sini…kak nak letak benda dalam bilik ok?”

I mengangguk.


Ms Lee pun hilang dalam biliknya…tak sampai seminit…I pun memberanikan diri i…pergi menjenguk Ms Lee. Sampai di pintu bilik Ms Lee…kelihatan Ms Lee sedang mengeluarkan bra-branya ke atas katil.



“Oh..rupa darling adik”

“Tengok kak tengah buat apa…”

“Tengah check bra-bra yang kak beli tadi..tengok ok tak”

“Mana dapat tengok macam ni…kenalah try satu kali lagi” sambil I mendekatinya lalu mengambil bra-bra itu.


“Macam mana nak try..adik kat sini”

“Ahlah…nanti adik boleh bagi comment”… memang horny malam tu…lalu I yang berdiri di belakang Ms Lee pun menletakkan kedua-dua tangan I dibahu Ms Lee. Slowly tangan menghala ke depan…hingga sampai butang blousenya.


Ms Lee menoreh ke belakang…melihat I… I sudah pun membuka habis butang blousenya dan kemudian menjatuhkan blousenya ke lantai.


“Adik tolong pakai...ok" lalu menanggalkan bra Ms Lee yang tengah pakai.

Tetek 33Cnya...dipaparkan... sedikit layuk... tapi solid. Ms Lee hanya senyum...lalu i pun menolongnya memakai bra biru tua baru itu.

Kemudian...skirtnya ditanggalkan i dan juga pantynya.

Terkejut i nampak pantatnya yang tiada seurat bulu...sudah dipotong. Siap dipakai matching set pantynya... Ms Lee pun membuat pos bagi i tengok. Memang cantik.


"Boleh ..." tanya Ms Lee

Belum i dapat balas...i sudah memeluknya...lalu bercium.

"Sangat cantik kakak"


Tangan i sudah menjelajah seluruh badan Ms Lee. Kami pun bercium...kemudian bra n pantynya pun i tanggalkan.


Tangan mula menjelajah ke bahagian bawah...meraba pantatnya.


"Ahhhh" Ms Lee mengeluh.


“Kak … tolong tanggalkan .. baju I” I membisik di telinganya lalu mencium.


Tangannya mula menurun ke seluar jean I.. dibuka butangnya… kemudian terus menanggalkan seluar I… lepas I sendiri menanggalkan T-shirt I. Ms Lee terus menyelak tangannya dalam boxer saya lalu mencari batang tegang I.


Lalu.. memegang batang I.


“Huuuhhh” I mengeluh

Dengan penuh … ghairah, Ms Lee meramas batang … semakin besar dan tegang dijadinya.


I sudah… tak tahan, tanpa menunggu… I terus menolak Ms Lee ke atas katil….dan terus menekan penis I dalam lubang pantat Ms Lee. Ms Lee asyik menolak….


“Jangan..jangan… u belum pakai condom…….ahhhh.. ahhh ahhh”

I terus menekan dan berdayung penis I masuk dan keluar dari lubang pantat Ms Lee yang sangat berairnya.


“I tak kisah… I nak… adik nak kakak macam ni… ahhh”

Lagi kuat I menekan penis I masuk… sampai Ms Lee bergegar… tak berhenti.

“Uh..uh ..huh… jannngaannn ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, kakak nanti … ah kakak ah ah nnnaanti kakak pregnant macammm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mana?” Ms Lee sudah tak tahan asyik menarik nafas.


“Ahhh… tak apa…adik nak kakak… kalau kakak pregnant… adik masih nak kakak…aaahh, kaaaaaak ok tak?”


Ms Lee sudah tak kisah… lalu berdayung bersama… “Janggaan berhenti.. kakak nak… bagi semua kat akak….”


Kami… bertukar posisi.. lalu buat doggie style…


“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Sedap, sedap, sedap…aaaaah” Ms Lee kuat posisinya

I pun tak tahan lalu pancut dalam pantat Ms Lee.


Kami terus baring dikatil… mengejar nafas masing-masing.


“Betul keh….adik nak kakak.. sudah lama ada lelaki macam tu kata pada akak”

“Kakak ingat I cakap semata-mata nak pancut tanpa condom.. adik cakap betul”


“Habis kenapa, ada lagi cantik dan muda punya gal kat kolej lagi bagus”

“Ingat.. first time kakak approach I kat library… I setuju sebab boleh close dengan kakak…tapi malu nak cakap… kalau macam ni.. kakak masih nak I serve client kakak”


“Tak tahu… nanti baru bincang… sekarang nak adik lagi..come on”


Malam itu…I main lagi 2 kali sebelum… kami stop tidur.

Monday, 29 October 2012


Namaku YJ… I pernah menceritakan beberapa fantasi-fantasi I and menpamerkan di atas internet. Anyway, ini adalah fantasi terbaru yang I terokai-memang original… harap semua dapat menikmatinya.



Kisah ini bermula semasa I belajar di kolej…masa itu I tengah mengambil khusus American twining programme. Ini terjadi semasa I dalam semesta ketiga I dalam kolej. (I kena menghabiskan 5 semesta sebelum I layak melanjutkan pelajaran I keluar negara)


Masa itu, work load dan projek memang banyak… so beberapa pelajar pun belajar lewat di perpustakaan kolej sampai tutup iaitu 10pm. I pun antara mereka… kadang-kadang, I tolong staff perpustakaan tutup pintu dan lampu. Ini bermula satu malam, tinggal I dengan clerk perpustakaan tutup pintu…so clerk itu pun bertanya I pernah dengar special programme dari special club.


I pun berjawab… tak pernah, ia untuk apa? Dia pun kata since I nampak rajin dan handsome… dia boleh recommend I join dan boleh dapat cari duit. Dia tambah… pendapatannya sangat lumayan… student yang joined tak pernah menyesal. So, dia kata kalau I berminat, jumpa dia kat perpustakaan waktu tutup esok dan dia bagi saya one day untuk fikir.


Well.. apa salahnya kalau mencuba bukan rugi. So I pun muncul di perpustakaan ½ jam sebelum tutup. Siap student semua sudah beredar, clerk itu (Ms Lee) pun muncul di meja I dengan selonggok file.


“Hi… nampaknya u sudah setuju”

I mengangguk sahaja.


“Ok.. apa yang kita ceritakan mestinya ditutup rahsia, promise?”



So perlahan, dia membuka file yang dibawanya…

I terkejut nampak…apa yang ditunjukkan. Dalamnya ada gambar profile 5 orang student lelaki.


“Ini member yang kita ada sekarang… student bagus”

“Untuk apa profile itu...” I tanya

“Ok.. club ini terdiri daripada member student sahaja… operationnya ialah social group.. means member akan jadi teman client kita”

I diam sekejap.

“Kenapa choose i?”

“Well, member kita semuanya budak baik…sebab kita tak nak student yang susah. Faham.. as client kita pun nak selamat… full confidential”

I mengangguk

“Operation menguntungkan..kita akan ambil komisen 30% of the u ok dengan ni”


Lepas itu, Ms Lee membelok file itu… menunjukkan 3 lokasi (apartment untuk mereka beroperasi). Semuanya kondo di Mont Kiara.

Sekali.. Ms Lee menanya “Ok?”

I mengangguk dan membalas “Berapa profitnya…?”

“Bagus… biasanya charges per sesi ialah Rm600 so u akan dapat Rm420… sometimes ada yang bagi lebih depend on client”


I mengangguk lagi.


“So bila you nak start?”



Ms Lee pun senyum.. dan mengambil handphonenya…lalu menelefon.

“Hi.. Lee sini, ok.. member baru boleh start buat appointment”


-- sunyi –


“Huh.. client nak malam ini?” Ms Lee memandang I

I hanya mengangguk.

“Ok… pukul berapa..sekarang 8pm.”

9pm.. ok”


Ms Lee pun menutup handphonenya.

“So nampaknya.. kita kena bertolak sekarang”

So I pun mengikut Ms Lee dari belakang.




Ms Lee pun memandu ke Mont Kiara…dalam kereta…kami berbual-bual.


“So nampaknya client kita memang nak cuba member baru..u ready”

“Tak tahulah”

Ms Lee memandang I

“Izzit your first time”

I mengangguk…kemudian dia mula menelefon.


“Hi…ada changes… member is first time..tanya client mahu tak? Charges go to Rm1k”


Selepas tu, Ms Lee terus memandu..then dia menanya I.

“Kalau on.. you nak proceed tak? Since it is you first time?”

“Ok” I jawab since I pun rasa excited nak cuba.


Sekejap.. handphone Ms Lee pun berbunyi…

“Client nak sangat..dia bayar Rm1200..ok”


So..kami pun berbual-bual lagi… dapat tahu Ms Lee sudah divorce so dia masuk business macam ni.. tiada anak, lagi tinggal seorang. Dari muka nampak Ms Lee dalam lingkungan awal 40 tapi bila tanya dia sudah 48 umur. Anyway.. tidak lama… kami pun sudah menuju ke kondo- sign menunjuk M-Service Apartment dekat dengan Plaza Damas.


So… Ms Lee pun membawa ke atas studio apartment..tingkat 5. I pun mengikut Ms Lee masuk dalam apartment.


Apartment itu mempunyai satu ruang tamu, satu bilik tidur dengan bilik mandi dan satu corner dapur kecil. Hiasannya kebanyakan warna kelabu coklat….dengan lampu yang terang. Ms Lee menunjuk I bilik tidur…katil cadar putih dengan bantal dan kushion coklat. Dia kata… lepas siap tak payah kemas coz ada room service bersihkan. I mengangguk.


Lepas itu, dia suruh I lepak kata ruang tamu… dan semua curtain tingkat ditutup rapatnya.


“Ok..I akan make a move… nanti pukul 1130pm I datang pick u..ok”


“Oh..lupa… ada item you nak pakai…I sudah letak dalam laci tepi katil…take care”

lalu Ms Lee pun menutup pintu dan beredar.


I duduk atas sofa…menunggu. I melihat jam tangan I sudah pukul 910pm. Apartment berasa sunyi. Tunggu sekejap..tiba-tiba loceng pintu bunyi, hati I pun berdenyup-denyup kuat sambil menghala ke pintu. I mengintai lubang pintu… berdiri seorang wanita. I pun membuka pintu.


“Hi..” wanita itu senyum.

“Hi..” I pun membalas senyum.

Wanita itu… masih memakai pakaian kerja…coat kelabu dengan matching skirt. Spagethi skirt putih dalam…ketat menunjukkan saiz teteknya yang agak besar. Rambutnya kerinting…pakai mekap,cina seperti I. Dengan pandangan dia mungkin berumur awal 40. Dia memakai kasut tumit tinggi hitam..dan jarinya mekap unggu.

Badannya gempal sedikit …saiz sederhana, tapi senyumannya manis..muka cantik.


 I masih termenung ingat… datangnya wanita tua dan hodoh kononnya. Tapi berdiri didepan I wanita yang cantik tapi body out sedikit.


Dia masih berdiri diluar pintu…I sedar lalu mempelawanya masuk.

Then I pun menutup pintu dan locknya.


Dia pun duduk di atas sofa…I pun mengikut duduk bersama.


“Hi..saya Laura”

“Hi..saya YJ”

“First time?”

I mengangguk.

“Oh..dont worry.. ini pun my kali kedua” dia senyum.

“U datang lepas kerja?”

“Yup…selalu busy, tak ada masa…so I join the club”


“Sorry… kawan I yang introduce ini service kat I so I try. Husband I… selalu overseas dengan kawan I suruh I try to release stress.”


“It is ok…since I pun nak try..hehe”

I pun memegang tangan Laura…dia senyum. Lalu tangan lain I pun mula menyusap rambutnya. Kemudian Laura pun mula memeluk I… dia pun mencium mulut I dan I membalas. Kami bermain lidah… dalam seminit sebelum..Laura hentikan.


Dia senyum..lalu membisik ditepi pipi I “I belum pernah cuba virgin… nak cuba sampai bawah I sangat basah”

Terus penis I naik…lalu tangannya membawa tangan I ke bawah skirtnya..dinaikan hingga dapat tangan I merasai panty Laura. Sudah basah pantynya..dibahagian pantatnya. I memandang panty satin unggunya memang sudah basah dibahagian tengah.


Laura terus memegang penis I dari luar seluar jean. Dia membisik lagi “Bagi I tengok boleh?”

Tanpa memberi any reaksi…I pun menarik seluar jean I ke bawah…dan boxer I turut turun. Penis I terus terdedah..tapi masih malu…I menutup dengan tangan I.

Laura terus memegangnya… I mengeluh

Laura terus main penis I… tak sampai lima minit..I nak pancut.


“Laura… tak tahan..i akan pancut”

Dia diam..terus mempercepatkan urutannya…sampai I tak dapat tahan..lalu terus pancut.



Air sperm I kena sofa…so Laura pun mengambil tisu dari bilik air lalu tolong I mengelap semua sperm.


“Sedap..” dia senyum

I hanya mengangguk.

“I pun basah…”

I pun terus memeluk Laura.

“Jom pergi…mandi”

I pun mengikut Laura ke bilik tidur.

“Tolong..” dia senyum.

I pun membuka coatnya..lalu unzip skirt. Maka tinggal panty satin unggu dan spagehti-t putihnya. Kemudian…I pun menanggalnya…so Laura memapahkan bra satin unggunya. I tak tahan lalu menramas kedua-dua teteknya dengan bra. Laura pula mula menanggal baju t I yang tinggal.


Maka..i sudah pun berbogel didepan Laura…kemudian Laura menanggalkan bra dan pantynya.


So kami pun masuk dalam bilik air… air mula mengalir ke badan kami…I sudah tak tahan..lalu bermain pantat Laura…dengan pengetahuan porn.. I memasukkan jari I ke dalam pantat Laura.


“Ahhh…jahat” Laura mengeluh

Kami bercium… lalu I bermain pantatnya.

“Ahhh…huh..huh..hhuuuu” dia mengeluh lagi.


“YJ…tak tahan dah…kita stop mandi…ok”

I mengangguk…lalu kami mengelap kering badan kami.

Lalu.. Laura pun baring atas katil…I mengikutinya sambil meramas teteknya yang besar itu.


Dia terus mengangkang kakinya… “YJ nak rasa tak?”

I tercengah..di situ..lalu Laura sudah tak tahan…terus menurunkan bodynya ke atas I.

Mulut pantatnya adjust lalu …terus menurun ke atas penis I yang sangat keras itu.

Tiba-tiba…I terfikir.


“Eh… bukan kena pakai condom?”

“Ah..uuuh, tak paaayyaaaah…you virgin….I nak feel you without condom. Don’t worry I am clean too….aaaahh”


I mengangguk sebab sudah tak tahan sedap rasanya.

So… I pun mengikut irama body Laura naik turun…penis I masuk keluar dari pantat Laura.

Panas dalamnya…dan basah.


“Laggiii…sedddappp” Laura mengeluh

I pun mempercepatkan haluan I.


“Ahhhhh……huhuhuhuh…taaahhhaan YJ”

I masih bertahan…. Masuk keluar penis I dari pantatnya.

Tiba-tiba… Laura bergetar…..

“Cummmminnnng..aaaah aha ah ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” dia menjerit.

I pun sudah tak tahan lalu pancut dalam nya…sambil memeluk kuat kat Laura.

Rasa pantatnya bergetar juga….kami pun bercium..dan baring di atas katil.


Sambil berbaring…kami berbual-bual…dapat tahu Laura sudah berumur 50. I terkejut bila dia beritahu I umurnya…I comment dia nampak muda lagi. Dia ketawa…I masih meramas teteknya lalu mencium Laura. Kemudian…I pun memasukkan jari I dalam pantat Laura.


Dia mengeluh … “Aaahh…main sayaaa”

Lalu..I pun masuk dan keluar jari I di pantatnya. Slowly, jari dapat mencari biji kelentitnya lalu massagenya.



Tanpa membazir masa, penis I terus masuk dalam pantat Laura lagi sekali.

“AAAAAAHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” dia menjerit.

Kami menghayun body kami…kali ni lebih cepat…I lebih biasa dari tadi.


Penis I semakin keras… bop bop bop..bunyi penis I menebus lubang pantat Laura. Makin basah..dirasai…lalu dinding lubangnya mula bergetar..lagi hayun body Laura hingga I tidak dapat tahan lalu memancut ke dalamnya lagi sekali.


Kami..terus baring bersama..masing masing mengembalikan nafas.Kami senyum lalu Laura mahu kami pun mandi bersama.



Apabila..kami mengeringkan badan masing dan mula pakai baju…loceng bunyi pun berbunyi. Tidak lama kemudian… Ms Lee sudah muncul di depan pintu apartment..lalu berbual dengan Laura.


Lepas lima minit, Laura pun beredar… lalu Ms Lee menyuruh I check apartment semua in order….sebelum kami keluar.

Dalam kereta, i hanya diam sahaja.
Ms Lee mula berkata...
"So... semuanya ok?"
I mengangguk.

"Memang biasa...pertama kali, sedikit malu dan rindu, after sesi itu. Later u sudah biasa...rasa takut pun tak ada"


Here is something to share about, like usual a couple of us like to sat down, drink and brag about our sexual encounter. Here is a story from one us whose cousin staying in Singapore. The cousin is currently 2nd year of NSU…and story begin in his first year.


It was his 1st year of NSU, entering 2nd semester he took photography class for extra credits. While struggling to find volunteer model for his assignment, one day when he was arriving home from uni… his godmom was visiting his mother. Seeing the trouble he got… his mother suggested him to asked his godmom to be his model. Immediately his godmom agreed in return.. he need to help her to take a family photo session before her daugther took off to Melbourne for her uni.


So… after his photoshoot and also the family session, he thanked his godmom and sent those photos to her through facebook. So he started messaging his godmom.. usually at nights since his godmom was so free when the daugther left for Australia.

They message each other almost every nights…until one day his godmom invited him to join her sunday jogging session.


That Sunday, his godmom picked him up and drove to her usual jogging park. They jogged and chats along. During the session, he commented his godmom have a good figure… it was then his godmom has suggested whether he can do another photo shoot of her. He agreed and appointment was set after his class in the afternoon of the following wednesday. On the Wednesday, his godmom was already at the uni gate picking him up. They had lunch and soon headed back to to her condo in Queenstown. Then they started the photoshoot in her condo. At first she dressed normal… later it became dinner dress and more glamour. They ended up shoot in her bedroom but nothing had happened and called it a day.


Later that night, he sent those softcopies of the photos to her.. and they chat on the facebook. She was happy and suggesting it can go a little sexy. His cousin dare her and soon another appointment was set. It was Wednesday again, he was so anxious when his godmom came out with summer dress… revealing her cleavage. Soon, the dress became shorter and sexier, and he kept shooting her. The session soon turned into her bedroom…his cousin was shocked when his godmom dressed her summer dress without bra. Her nipples were clearly outlined on her dress…his cousin had a hard time shooting. After a long half hour… they finished the shooting session and call it a day. That night, they were chating and the cousin sent the photos to her. She commented it was a bit sexy.. and asked him to comment. His cousin was totally stunned and told her was very sexy. She laughed and hoped his cousin didn’t post those photos to others. They laughed.. it was then she commented that his cousin wouldn’t use those photos for masturbation. It was a silent… before she dare that him about the masturbation. He did reply what if he dare… and she asked to proof it. His immediately masturbate and cum… without thinking, he shooted the picture of his penis and cum. Right then posted to his godmom. It was a wow from her… and she called it a night.


His cousin was a bit frustrated the next day. Anyway, later that day.. when he back home his mother has instructed him to stay at his godmom place on that weekend as his godmom is having a party and in need of someone to help out. He was surprised… and later that night he messaged his godmom. His godmom managed to get his mom’s approval so he can stay over for the weekend. She want another session of photo shoot and it might get late to the night so he better stay.


It was Saturday …he arrived his godmom condo ard everning. His godmom cooked dinner and they had dinner. Soon.. she wanted to start the photo session and invited him to shoot in the bedroom. After a few shots of sexy dress… his cousin requested his godmom to change dress. While she was standing there thinking which dress to wear… his cousin slowly suggest and pointed at the satin nightie. His godmom asked whether he can stand.. he nodded. In front of him she change into the nightie and photo shoot continued. After a few shoots.. she clearly showed her pussy to him it was then he moved and kissed her. Then he removed his clothes and hers. He was on her… making love till midnight.


His affair going on for 6 mths.


Monday, 5 March 2012


My latest..milf encounter.(The one wth eyes been u can have the view)
Her sexy panty .. enclosed.Will post the detail story soon..since I am always busy.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Sec

"Sex is everything everyone fantasizes at. Why not, when it was the greatest thing on earth"

I am still a virgin when I met Mrs. Ong. She was the greatest thing ever happened to me.

Well, let me introduce myself. I am Kevin, 10-year-old, living in PJ. My father has his own business, a forwarding company to be exact and he has 12 employees running the business for him. One of them is Mrs. Ong, his secretary/ accountant. I met her for the first time during my visits to my father office. It was my school holidays and I didn't have anything to do back then. So I followed my father to his office in hoping to learn something out of those visits.

Mrs. Ong is his secretary... organizing his personal appointments and the company financial issues. She was married and had 4 the age of 50, she still look young and a great figure. Above all, she dresses professionally as well as revealing.

Well, I don't why that she started taking interest on me... since I started coming to the office... she always took time to talk to me... ask me about school, friends and etc. Soon... we became close together.

***The Secretary***

The story happened in one afternoon... when dad went out to meet with his clients he left me in his office till he return. So I just wonder around the room... staring out the windows... playing his computer... and so on. But it was not long... Mrs. Ong came in to get some files.

"Oh ..hi ... look like you bored here.." she said

I nodded... "Don't know what to do"

She smiled... "Perhaps... u can help me to find some files which I am looking for.." she asked.

I nodded.

So we searched... and searched... the cabinets.. on top... till the bottom.

Not a single trail... of the files she mentioned.

Soon... I almost give up.. looking around since it was boring.

Mrs. Ong didn't bother but continued looking for those files.

I was sitting on the floor.. so was Mrs. Ong... still searching for the files in the bottom cabinet... spreading her legs for the ease of searching. It became an opportunity... I did not want to miss. My hands slowly moved forward... sliding down... into Mrs. Ong's skirt. Still she did not realize what was about to happen... busy searching for her files.

So.. I motioned my hands.. moving deeper.. into her thighs. My fingers searched for her panty.. silently... I pretending that I am looking away while my fingers touched her panty.

Suddenly.. she stopped... her body shuddered awhile.. I stopped.


She stared at me... I knew this will happen... neither one of us said a word... just exchanging stares. When I was about to loss my courage... intending to say sorry... Mrs. Ong motioned her hands... lifting her skirt up... higher as the view of her panty exposed to my bare eyes.

Finally she gave me.. a smile.. then continued searching for the file.

"What was that?" I thought.. "Definite an indication.."

Without any delay... like a child given a candy.. I seize the opportunity..

My fingers now.. were actively.. caressing her panty. It was a light blue panty.. silky.. as my fingers feel her bush... through the silky material. I didn't really know what to expect... so slide aside the panty.. exposing her pussy. 

Slowly... I felt the warm heat of her womb... it was something new as my fingers slide into the tunnel of love. Exploring like a little child... I felt the walls of hers... rubbing against side by side...

Suddenly... she jerked..

I stopped... somehow my fingers beginning to felt wetness coming out... and the heat begin to increase... slowly my fingers were being squeezed... on and off... on and off.

Mnnh" she moaned... biting her lips so hard.. her body jerk jerk... and jerk.

Mnnh.. mmnh.. she shuddered.. holding my hands with hers.. squeezing so hard like my fingers under... once more shuddered... a final... orgasm.

There was a silent...

Mrs. Ong slowly took my hands away... and cleaned up her skirt. I didn't know what to do but she moved forward ... kissing my forehead. Not long... she left the room without even turning back.

From that on... I was so shocked that I already hurt Mrs. Ong. Since then.. I planned not even step into my dad office ever again. I was hoping to avoid Mrs. Ong... for the reason of not causing her any trouble.

Unfortunately... one day, I received an emergency call from dad asking me to stay at home for the rest of the day. I didn't know why he asked... somehow after two hours later, I saw Mrs. Ong's car approached our front gate.

Soon.. I heard my name being called...

"Kevin...Kevin... Kevin..."

I was in my room... stunned. She opened the door and commented.. "There you are... I am looking for you. Are you alright? You seemed a little pale.."

She approached me on the bed.. where I was at that moment. As she bend over... using her hand to felt my forehead... I got an amazing view of her bosom... wrapping perfectly by her white lacy bra. It was then she caught me staring under her navy blouse. She looked up and smiled.

"Here... don't forget to give these documents to your father.. Ok." She continued.. leaving my room as soon as she dropped off the document on the table.

I nodded.

Suddenly.. she stopped.

"Can I use the bathroom.. I need to go.." she asked turning back.

I just nodded again.

She walked in slowly as if she was giving me a show... then she just stood in front of the toilet bowl. From where I was... I could clearly see her ... facing at a 65' angle. There is no doubt ... the view was like we were facing each other direct opposite. However... once the bathroom door is close... my visibility of Mrs. Ong remain zero.

Surprisingly.. she did not close the door. In fact, Mrs. Ong was looking at me giving a wicked smile... as she slowly lifted up she skirt. Staring at me... she removed her lacy white panty on the floor.

Instantly I got an erection... looking at Mrs. Ong... with her pussy exposed...

Never did I expect ... Mrs. Ong just standing holding up her skirt.

Slowly... water started draining out of her pussy.. spraying all around. Amazing... she was pee in a stand position... 

I too amazed to speak or do anything but stared... she too was staring at me... with her sweet smile.

Not long... she straightened up her skirt and bend over to pick up her panty. Without a word... she threw the panty to me and left.


It was tuesday... when I was in my dad office again. Dad dropped me off so Mrs. Ong could baby-sit me for awhile. Soon... I was in his room... alone playing with his computer before Mrs. Ong came in... bringing me a cup of Milo.

"I think it will be nice to stay here and work so I can have an eye on you.." she said.

"Well I guess... it is fine to me." I replied.

It was very clear... Mrs. Ong was wearing a pink dress with front button all the way. Then she took my seat... as I stood up not knowing where to stay...

Before... I could say anything...

" Kevin could do me a favor..." she asked.

" Ok.."

"Could you massage my feet... they kind of pain.." she asked.

So.. I sat on the floor... lifting her left foot up... slowly massage her foot.

"Uh.. that's nice..." she moaned.

As I massage ..Mrs. Ong right foot moved onto my short... and lay on top of my penis. Instantly.. I got an erection. I ignored... as continued massaging her foot. It was not long... her right foot moved... slowly rubbing it on my penis... through the short. In and out... her foot move... giving an incredible feel ...

In and out... movement became faster... faster... and faster. I hold her other foot... massaging following the rhythm of her stroke... faster.. and faster.. pulling my penis with her toes... and stroking it in out.. with her leg.. she push.. push.. push ...then squeeze.. one hard time..

"Uh...uh uh.. ah... ah... ah... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh" I came.

Feeling... penis jerk... and jerk ... jerk jerk... jerk...  and collapsed.

The feeling like I was peeing but there is nothing ... came out...

Then, there was a silent.

"Thi..thi..." "Mrs. Ong ...line 2"

Mrs. Ong without a word left the room... leaving me alone until dad came back.

For the rest of the night... I kept thinking about Mrs. Ong.... Until I finally decided that there must be something I need to do.

Well, it didn't take long until dad had another overseas business trip. Since there is no one to look after me, dad had asked Mrs. Ong to accommodate me for the period he is not in KL.

It was a day... I never forget for the rest on my life. It was raining heavily that day as dad drop me off at Mrs. Ong's house before he headed to the SJ Airport. The Ong's house is a double storey terrace house... and it is big considering her husband brought it 15 years ago.

For me... I was never being happier when Mrs. Ong greeted me... and letting me into her house. I observed... Mrs. Ong was wearing a spaghetti strap tank top... and a khakis short. It was clearly showed her figure.... Empty and quiet...

" Where are the rest of the members...?" I asked.

"I know it is Saturday afternoon, but Mr. Ong worked till 7.00 today... he is an engineer our know." She replied holding my hand leading me upstairs of the house.

"How about Jenny?" I asked... they have one daughter.

"She is in her room... Jenny! Jenny! Jenny!.." she called for Jenny.

Jenny came out... she was 16 then.

"What mom?"

"Why don't you show Kevin his room.. dear" Mrs. Ong asked.

So I followed Jenny and she showed my room. It was the last room in the house sharing a bathroom with Jenny's.

"If there is anything you need, Kevin don't hesitated to call me.. be careful ok." She left the room soon as she finished.

Soon... I was alone in the room... I started unpacked my stuffs... wondering what I am doing here. It was then I was interrupted by Mrs. Ong's calling...

I rushed down.. heading toward Mrs. Ong. She was in the kitchen ...

"Yes.." I answered.

"Darling to you need something to eat... a sandwich?" she asked.

"Mmn-mnh" I agreed.

"Ok... it will be a minute ok.." she answered... taking hams and vegetables out of the refrigerator. I just stood there... watching Mrs. Ong slicing the hams.. preparing the sandwich... on the sink... with her back facing me.

It was that moment... I had my courage... slowly stepping forward. Taking her without noticed... I moved my both hands hugging and went directly towards her breasts. I stopped at moment waiting ...

"Uh" she gave out a soft moan.

Silent... my hands still holding her breasts... not moving. She startled and stopped. There is a long pause... I suddenly gain more courage and begin massaging her breasts through her tank top. She didn't stop me... instead she slowly continue preparing the sandwich. My hands became more graceful... lifting and weighting both breasts. Soft... and somewhat large... I could tell from playing them through her top. I squeezed and squeezed... not long her nipples hardened... as my hands ran through the top... in circle. She was no wearing a bra... as Mrs. Ong nipples were clearly visible. I took my thumbs and pinched them through the top material. She jumped.

"Ah... ah.. oh god.. oh god... oooooohhhhhhhhhh" she came.

It was erotic as her body slide up and down... rubbing mine. I followed her rhythm .. rubbing her breasts faster and faster... until she gave out a final shuddered.



Mrs. Ong quickly break us off... and straightened up herself. I immediately sat on the chair in the kitchen pretending nothing had happened. Hearing Jenny foot steps coming down the stairs... she called.. ""

"Yes, honey.. I am in the kitchen. What's the matter?" Mrs. Ong asked.

"Mom... I need to go to Kristin's home. We had to discuss on the project coming up soon." Jenny.

"What time are you going to come back..?" Mrs. Ong.

"Well.. I think I will have dinner in Kristin's place.. if that is fine with you" Jenny.

"Ok.. just take care." Mrs. Ong.

"Bye..bye.." as I hear the door closed continued with foot steps coming towards the kitchen.

Mrs. Ong came in and smiled... heading toward the sandwich. She took it and hand it to me. Then she sat on looking at me. I was confused and all I did was took the sandwich.

She gave a smiled... then stood up. I ignored and continue eating. Not noticing...

She sat on top on me... her short was removed... what I was displayed was her bare pussy... hairy.

I stunned ... dropping my sandwich to the floor... Mrs. Ong slowly opened my short.. exposing me hard on. With one pushed... she sat down.. bring my penis straight into her womb. I almost jumped! Feeling the heat of a warm wrapping hole.

"Oh god... you have a size of a young man..." she said slowly sliding down her top strap. Her breasts exposed in front of me. I didn't hesitate and went straight towards them like a baby sucking and sucking.

"Oh..yes.. suck them.." she said as she moved up and down... riding me.

I saw my penis being slide in and out of Mrs. Ong's pussy. Incredible.. I try to help.. thrusting it in and out ... as she ride me.

"No.." she stopped me.

"Darling... just stay..and relax.." she said. But it didn't stop me.. I came.. feeling pee.. and pee and pee...

Mrs. Ong smiled.. and closed her legs .. squeezing her pussy closer. I suddenly felt a tremendous... pressure squeezing my penis.. as I continue jerk and jerk inside her. It was nicer.. I knew she try to increase my pleasure.

Soon.. it stopped. I realized I had just loss my virginity.

"It that good... darling.." she smiled and slowly move her body up and down again.. I saw my penis went in and out.. somehow the feeling is not strong like before... I already came".

I was wrong.. a minute later... penis started to grow... result from feeling of her rubbing... riding...

"Ah.." she moaned feeling my penis grow inside.

"Yes... raise for momma.. yes.. yes.. oh oh.. mmmmmh" she ride faster.

The rate became faster.. I grab my both hands to her back.. she ride..

My penis feel warmer... and warmer... it became slippery...

"Oh.. Kevin.. oh Kevin.. oh oh oh... oh Keevin" she moaned.

Mrs. Ong so strong... as my penis was so hard being squeezed down.. on and off. She give another push... feeling my penis deep into her wall... through the end of her tunnel.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh... sooo big" she screamed.

I try to hold.. with the rate of that.. she push in and out... staying still I felt my entire strength concentrated on my penis feeling to explode.

"Uh.. uh... uh uh... ah ... uh uh  uh .. yes yes yes yes... " she hammer herself against me... she shuddered... one.

Two.. I came exploding into her warm hole... she pushed once more.. I jumped up.. causing both of us felt on the floor... keep fucking ... as we came.

Came.. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

The kitchen filling with our scream .. and collapsed.

Hold each other... and kissed passionately. Long.

"I love you" Mrs. Ong said.

"I love you too" I replied.

"You will always my number one... come we better clean up..." she hold me and we headed to the bathroom. We cleaned up together and ready for dinner.

Things were normal all night long. I never got alone with Mrs. Ong for the rest of the stay. Still we had great sex together when even we can... usually Mrs. Ong will pick me up from school and head straight to her place. It was great fun... having a lover as well as mother around. But deep inside... we know we are lovers.

For few years past... dad died in an accident leaving the company to Mrs. Ong. Due this event, Mrs. Ong left her husband. Soon she became my foster mom... staying with me as presumably by outsiders. Somewhere inside... we have sex more often than anything in the world. I never left her... till today. And sex is what we need.