Friday, 21 October 2011

1st Exp

There are series  of events… so I will put it in order.

As usual… I am not a active cheongster… so I cheong once awhile. Something strange has happened to me while I cheong last 3 months. That day… the horny urge came so I decided to cheong in a town spa near my office after work. Park my car in the open car park… went straight up, like normal ..a okt greeted me and I took a shower first.

Soon I was talking to the okt… wondering what I wan, I took massage with special and told him I wan someone older- local chinese of course and don’t wan to mirror since I like the feeling not knowing who will walk into the room..haha. So I was led to the massage room and waited for my lady. After… 3 mins,  a sexy lady came in.. she was wearing cheongsam like most of the ml in the spa does.

As she turn-in… I was shocked as she was too, guess what she is my aunt! Well, to be exact … she is a distance relative in outstation where we met once a year kind of thing… but we do recognize each other… as she was my mom distance cousin. I was like shit this time I might got caught or something… anyway she just ask why I am here. So I just played dumb by replying her for massage coz body sore and politely ask if she wan to change another lady for me. It turn out that she is ok  and I have go with her (better than making more fuss out of the current situation).

So it begin, she looked at me and suggested to me lay on the bed naked and facing back.I quickly did it to avoid embarrassment. She started massage my back and I slowly relax recovering from the shock. Then I realized that she has spread her legs and sitting on me as she massage. I could felt her satin panty keep rubbing on my bare buttock and back. Shit man, it really give my little brother some effect. I was like  in my early 20’s and this aunt was like in her late 40’s.. the thing is I always turn on by older women.

For awhile… my little brother started to do the thinking, so my hand started to rub her leg. She  opened up a bit but pretend normal by talking to me suggesting that my back really need massage. So I kept rubbing her both legs… really smooth and things started to heat up when I turned front. She started massage my leg one at a time.. she lifted up my leg to massage and placing where my toes facing her panty as she spread her legs wide open. I just got turn on immediately… as my little toes slowly touched her panty… so start rubbing her using my toes as she massage. Soon, I became brave and got my hand roaming on her panty while she still massage me. I was horny as I got carried away.. trying get my finger into her pussy. She back away… and look at me telling me it is extra service. I asked what type of services (playing dumb)… she list bj,hj,fj and etc… and she look at me.

I was like slowly moving near her face and said can I put in. She said ok and started undress..until everything were down. So she FK me, and my hand was roaming her breasts… then down fingering her pussy …man I was actually doing my aunt. She moan and moan… as I suck her breast… ah yoh cannot tahan, I told her I wan to fuck… she capped me and spread wide waiting to be fuck. She encouraged by saying come fuck your aunty… and I shove my little brother in… she moaned. So I pumped her .. she was pretty excited.. lust and guilty at the same time… which made us fuck like no tomorrow. It last about 10 mins… before I came.. she wiped me off and invited me to shower with her.

We cleaned up… and she commented how naughty I was for fucking her. I just said thanks and left. The damage cost me RM235 but the experience is different.

(I apologized first if these offended some of you… please let me know whether your all wan me to continue… there are events happened during CNY)

Ok.. here goes again… after few months.

The third day of CNY, my family and I went to Penang to visit our relatives as usual.Well guess what?... I did bump into my aunt again… she was stunning that day… I just give a hello and she didn’t mentioned anything.

For your information, she was divorced many years ago and raised her son which now studying in Australia… and mentioning that she was working in direct selling.

Anyway, later that day… I can’t control myself so I try to get opportunity to cling to her as much as possible. We managed to chat here and there… become close… before we departed.. aunty exchanged our hp nos.

Last Friday morning, I tried to sms my aunt… just try luck. Indeed, she replied… and normal sms chit-chat till I brought up the spa subject… she asked whether I usually went for that kind of service. I told her off and on… and not to mentioned it to anyone.. it’s secret.she argeed. Anyway… things heat up.. sorry I forgot most of the conversation. In short, I try to bring up naughty issue.. some she replied and some she said I am naughty.

Well, I sms her everyday since that day… till Monday, I persuaded her to meet and she is ok… since she was on break… gave me directions to her apartment. Arrived at her apartment around 11am.. parked my car and quickly rush up. I pressed the bell and there she was wearing a pink spaghetti-t with a matching short. I went in and sat on dinning area as she made coffee. While I drank the coffee.. we chat. My heart was pounding as I try to hug her… she said no but it was too late as my hand slide into her short. I inserted my finger in… it was all wet. Next,she kept moaning… and I started to fk her. Man, it was hot I told her wan to fuck her… kept fk her and led me to the bedroom.

Wow… she indeed a classy lady, bedroom was neatly decorated… the make-up desk were full of perfume and cosmetics. We got on the bed… where our clothes were off on the floor. Then we were in the bed fucking each other… she kept moaning and said fuck aunty… she wan me… made me pound her hard. We did it twice that day and I did it raw… she wanted it raw as she is steriled and said she is clean as she is very careful.

After that… I took off… and she said she will called me. Till next time.

Ok.. guys. We did it again.

Saturday… we met at Great Eastern Mall for lunch. Man… the whole week, I almost loss concentration on work… keep thinking abt my aunt.

Anyway, I managed date her out on yesterday since she was off. So we had our lunch there… and accompany her to window shop… kind like aunt and nephew thing. Till we come across the Blush store… man I just took her in the shop. Like normal she browsed some bras… then I saw a beige(gold) babydoll set wth G-string attracted me… and told saleslady NL to pack a set which match my aunt size. Kind of brave but indeed I was all the time blushing. Luckily the NL ask izzit for my gf valentine gift… I was like yaah burr out some rubbish saying my gf size almost like my aunt. So I paid and we quickly left the shop.

We walked awhile … but abit in-patient since I got something else on mind… so just told aunty abit tired; suggest her to head back her place. Back to her apartment, we just relax sitting at the sofa watching tv. Then, I started heavy petting... a few times I staring at the Blush bag and look back at her. She pecked me on my cheek then took the bag into the room. In a mins or two, she came out wearing the badydoll and the G-String. I just got hard immediately. She sat next to me… I snug her as my hand was roam on her G-String. She moaned as I rub on her G-String.. she was wet too… started fingered her till she come.  Then she slowly climb on top of me… I just couldn’t wait.. so took off all my clothes.. She just sat on me… and my little brother just sank into hers. She ride me.. on the sofa.. and she moaned. The heat and wetness in her was too tempted, I just came in no time. When we fuck… her slut look was so good… I just can’t resist doing her again raw. (Sorry guy.. I should be careful)

After that, we just stayed on the sofa… napping till I came to sense and told her I need to go back. We kiss and I rushed home.

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