Friday, 21 October 2011

2nd Exp

Well… let me share something since it is Christmas. (I might as well continued my thread)

I have ended my affair with my aunt 4 months ago… my horniness was urging. Not until last month… things started strike on me again! To begin with… I need to mentioned that I am working with my dad (family business)… and recently the company got a big project overseas and as usual there are potential suppliers roaming around the office to get a piece of the pie.

My encounter began when I bump into a regular supplier named Cindy (well kindly of the marketing manager of our supplier). Since I was kind of obsess with older women… so I layan her a bitlah. Cindy was in business for long time and I knew her since I was teenage… where I addressed her auntie.

Ok… back to my story, this auntie cindy was looking for my dad... and my dad wasn’t around so I layan her a bitlah. As usual we chit chat… how was I doing, the project then when come to the issue gal friend… I told her I was scouting around. She laughed and asked don’t I feel horny. I replied that I am not so lucky like her as she got screwing a lot as she was attractive. Man… I was like my big mouth… she smiled… am I? she asked.

So… we went out for “yam cha” a few times during her business visit to my office. I was looking forward to her visit… as she always dress classy and review her longkang… man make you hard. We chat here and there… so I knew that she was 54 yr and married but her husband had bad record always screwing around … and she knew but just pretended don’t know abt it. (That’s wat she said)

Not until wed, we was on the way back from our “yam cha” session… she was driving and I was next to her chating again. That day, she was wearing a tight silver satin blouse and a purple color skirt. Suddenly… I realized she was moving around so I asked her wat happen? She said her leg got itchy … out of no where she asked me to help her. I was like… “huh” but anyway play along. So I took my hand tried to scratch her leg on the skirt… man the next one catch me by surprise. She told it doesn’t help, try to scratch under. Well… I rolled up her skirt and scratch her leg… slowly she opened up wide her both legs and her skirt just rolled up flashing both naked legs and her panty to me. Wow… her panty is satin gold in color… sexy for a lady her age… is she trying to flirt wth me.

Man… I was hard immediatedly… still scratching her leg. I wanted to move and touch her panty… but being a gentleman... my hand just keep to her leg. Then… she said enough and rolled back her skirt.

Shit man… it was hot. She dropped me off... but before good bye… she invited me to her house tonight for Christmas party… so I am preparing myself.

Guys… I just got back from the party tonight. Not much had happened, I went to her house… there are abt 20 people in the party… having wine, food and chit chat.

I was quiet … until Cindy approached me. She was wearing a black dress and her hair was nicely curled… think she went to salon today or yesterday. Anyway, I just commented that she look nice. She introduced her husband and her daughter to me… kind of normal. Until… I made a move home… she asked why so early… I told her I got to get some rest since 2mollo I need to work… going to JB driving for site inspection… immediately she asked whether she can follow… wan to look see as she is free, so I just replied I will give her a call 2mollo and left.

Man… should I let her follow… kindly of mixed feeling.


Lunch break… thanks for your support. In JB now and with her as she tagged along.

Nothing much had happened, I did ask why she wan to tag along, she said strictly business…. For your infor, she is kind of fleshy not plump yet. Got to go.

You know… small head took control of big head.

Upon arriving in KL, we headed to her house in Damansara Jaya. It was about 10 pm when we reached Cindy’s house… and there was light coming out from her house… she was surpised since no one is supposed to be at home.

So being a gentlemen, I will accompany her into the house just in case. There I was in the house with her… she was checking around and everything seemed fine. Then… she offered coffee… fine for me since I alredi in the house. Anyway, she ask me to hang around while she get change.She came back wearing a pink spaghetti strap and silver satin pant. Man… this immediate give me the effect… as she went into the kitchen, I followed her.

She asked why I followed her… I just said admiring the view… nonsense she said. I was so hot… that I decided to made the move by putting my hands on her shoulder kind of giving a rub (test water).

She was calm… still working on the coffee. So my hands started to move front abit, then she moan abit and so my hands dropped to her breasts.Massaging her breasts … she said don’t disturb her… but I kept moving slowly on her breast then we kissed and she stared at me… what r u doing,she asked. I just pull her to the bedroom…. We did it.... twice. It was amazing, although her body a bit sagged but she was so horny and keep on wanting it just cant resist screwing her… for 54 yr she was so wet… just cant believed it.

Anyway… I took off abt 1am…

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