Saturday, 22 October 2011


Insurance Agent

Here is something to share about, like usual a couple of us like to sat down, drink and brag about our sexual encounter. This friend of mine who currently a regional manager for an automotive company… who just got promoted and looking to get on some insurance package.

A little background on him- he stayed alone in a condo in wangsa, in his late twenties, has a gf who stay wth her family. So a colleague of his has introduce her auntie who is a senior insurance agent to him. According to him, the auntie was in insurance line for more than 10 yrs so he set appointment to meet up.

One evening, he met up wth the auntie in Old Town café in Setapak. The auntie was on the plump side and in her late forties (thought he still does not know her actual age) dressed formal black jacket, spaghetti shirt and mini skirt. What interest him was her bussom was half exposed slightly shown her black lace bra. He loss abit of his concerntration but the aunt introduced various insurance package. Once the auntie finished, my friend told her to let him a day or two to decide. Before they depart, they chat awhile knowning the auntie was a divorcee and her son is staying wth her husband in Australia. So she was quite free and alone… usually hang out wth his colleague family also wish her son is ard. My friend teased her that he can be his acting son. So they laughed abit and call it a day.

Two day later, my friend got a call from the auntie addressing him as her godson. They talked for awhile and set an appointment on that evening to finalized the insurance package.  Later that evening, it was raining heavily so my friend decided to cancel the appointment as he wanted to stay home… anyway the auntie insisted to drop by his house (usual insurance agent) and also “tao pow” dinner for him. So my friend greet the auntie at the lobby and took her to his unit. According to him, she was all wet in her white blouse which almost transparent showing her light blue laced bra and black pant.My friend got a hard-on and immediately offer her a towel and ask whether she need a shower. Instantly she accept and requesting him to loan her his large size shirt and short.

Abt 15 mins, she was out in the shirt and short.. of course still abit tight for her size. Then they had the dinner. Before, they begin discuss the insurance.. my friend excuse himself to the toilet (where she had showered- curiousity). What he found shocked him as the auntie blouse, pant as well as bra and panty were left hanging to dry on the handle. He was so aroused and excited knowing that she was naked underneath… so they discussed the insurance. He finalized the package he wanted and signed some agreement. They chatted a bit but all the time my friend was excited trying to peek the outline of her nipple. Unfortunately, they chat was interrupted by his gf call so the auntie went into the toilet and changed. Finally, they call it a night and she gave a kiss on my friend cheek before left.

After that, my friend was restless and always thinking abt the auntie… so trying to find  excuse to meet her up. Three days later, he called her asking the progress of his insurance and he wanted to add medical card package. Then, they met up in the café near by where they chat. In the middle of conversation, my friend finally blur out abt having seem her clothes and undies in the toilet where she didn’t afraid of him. She somehow commented that she is old and no one would interested at her beside my friend has a gf already.Later, they call it a day leaving my friend abit disappointed.

Two weeks has passed… one particular day, my friend’s colleague approaches him that her family wanted to hv swimming activities on the weekend at his condo. Without hesitation my friend agreed… and he asked the colleague to invite the auntie along. So… his colleague family dropped by along with her auntie, so my friend joined them for swim. All the time, my friend to stay close to the auntie… she was wearing a single piece light blue bikini. They chatted a bit and my friend kept giving compliment to the auntie. As the sun started to set, his colleague family wanted to make a move, so my friend make an offer to fetch the auntie back if she wanted to stay longer. The auntie immediately agreed and they hang ard the pool to ½ hr before they headed up to his unit. It was then my friend started to executed his plan. Once in his condo, he offer the auntie a cup of water. While they were chating, my friend stood at the back of the auntie and begin massage her shoulder.At first, auntie was a bit they started to chat again. Still auntie was in her bikini, slowly my friend try to slide auntie bikini strap…but she pulled up the strap as nothing is going on.

Later, she decided to change as it was a bit cold. So she went into the toilet… my friend try to follow her. She sensed something was wrong and she asked him what is with him. My friend just blurr out that he wanted was a silent.Then she whispered that she didn’t expect someone is interest at her but my friend just kept quiet. Are u sure” she asked. My friend just nod…and slowly hold her hand.

Auntie slowly walk-in to the toilet still holding hand…my friend followed. He just started to kiss the auntie…hugging her. Then.. it was a silent.

My friend make his move slowly to slide auntie bikini strap down…then her bikini to the floor. There she stood naked back facing my friend.. then my friend kiss her neck, as his hands moved upward to her breast. He touched her nipple and massaged her breast… then they kissed again.Then.. she whispered..better shower together. Off both of their clothes… and my friend kissing the auntie while the water sprayed on their naked bodies. They soaped each other while my friend began exploring her pussy… started fingering her. She moaned a bit.. then back to the shower.

They quickly shower off… and my friend offer the auntie a towel. Before the auntie can dry off, my friend pulled the auntie to the bed. Then he kissed all over her body then licked her pussy. She moaned and moaned as he tried to go deeper wth his tongue. She suddenly asked my friend to stop and wanted him to put his penis in her. So he put on a condom… slowly pushed into her. She moaned.. she was wet… as my friend pump into her. They changed a few position.. before my friend cummed. It was a good 30 mins session.

Soon, they dressed up and my friend suggested they go for dinner. She agreed and they had dinner in Jusco Wangsa Maju.

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