Saturday, 22 October 2011

NL Case

When case happened, person involve specially guy will brag abt it. A friend of mine did have more a less same situation where he had sexual encounter wth his teacher. Usual, guy will brag abt it when a few of us friends sat around and have a few drinks while chat abt our sexual encounters so my friend share his. 

He was 15 when it happened and it was with his tuition teacher (NL). Of course it was long ago and we are all grown up so we sometimes brag abt our sexual experience.hehehe

To lighten up this thread, I will tell my friend story here (Hope he wouldn’t get mad since it was long time ago)

Here r the details.

(I try to put as much details as I could remembered)

He was 15 when the parents hired a tuition teacher to help him with his BM.. it was one to one tuition – ps. We came frm well to do families… since we all r studying private school.

His teacher is NL and married. Anyway, the spark started after a few sessions… when he handled his homework – karangan. My friend is kind of cheeky person wrote something 3X in his homework hoping his teacher will get mad. Instead, his teacher is cool and chat abt sex – saying it will make the lesson interesting. Soon my friend started take some advantage of his teacher by trying to feel here and there. His teacher was abit distracted wth his advance soon made a deal wth him if he can score well in his bm for upcoming exam…she let him feel her.

Indeed, my friend scored in his bm and he got feel her ..managed to fingered her.According to my friend, he did managed to fingered a few time more… before again both came to a deal where if he scored his bm again… she will let him made love.

Lucky my friend, he did scored borderline this time. So a plan was formed as he managed to be away on weekend to PD wth his teacher (accuse -school trip). Once in the hotel, they both took shower together and he begin exploring his teacher. They made love twice at night and once in the morning. After that, they only had heavy petting and my friend didn’t have the chance to made love again as his teacher wouldn’t allowed.

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