Sunday, 20 November 2011

Chinese New Year

Hi, my name is Mic.

I am 16, in form 4 secondary school and still staying with my parents.

We stay in a bungalow somewhere in Bangsar.

I consider my family is well being but not rich. My dad has his own business and my mother is a financial officer for a famous bank. Besides me, I had a 13-year-old sister staying together as a family. In short, we are a happy family.

***Chinese New Year Special***

It is the time I loss my virginity... and this happened last year during Chinese New Year. I was then at the age of 15. It was incredible and exciting specially losing it to someone your known for your whole live.

Here it is... it was a few days before New Year, my mom received a call from her cousin saying that he wouldn't able to be in KL (Kuala Lumpur, big apple of Malaysia) for New Year. In fact, he will be leaving his family, his wife and his 4-year-old daughter here in KL to celebrate with us. Therefore, they will be heading KL two days before New Year. Then he will head to airport for his depart. Mom agreed to take care of her cousin's family during his oversea meeting.

So we greeted her cousin and his family on that day. I still recalled, mom asked me to show her cousin wife and the daughter their room. It was the room next to mine. To be more detail, my room and that room share a single bathroom. Therefore both rooms can able to access to the bathroom using each room link doors. It was design this way because the other is a guest room, so I could almost use the bathroom all by myself except when someone stay in the guest room. For further information, a usual bungalow in Bangsar will have 4-5 rooms and our house is no less than that ... in fact we have 6 rooms all together.

At first, I was feeling uncomfortable to let such close relative staying in our house. However, it was soon over when the wife came into my room ...


"Come in.." I opened my room door.

"Hi, are you still up? Why.. is late at night.. almost 12?" she asked

"Oh... I am just surfing the internet... Auntie Jackie.." almost shocked looking at her. She was wearing a pink silky basic chemise ... almost shown nothing... her nipples were poking out through the silky material. I immediately have an erection. All my live, I thought Auntie Jackie was a conventional woman with loose body. However, the body in front of me was totally contradiction with me perception. Her breasts were almost 34D, waist was slim and has the most beautiful pair of legs I ever seen. This feature became perfect with her curly middle range hair.


As she walked in, her breasts bounced up and down clearly seen through her chemise.. giving me effects that weakening my legs.

"Can I see... I have no idea that internet became a great interest.." she remarked bending down to look at the monitor. Again I almost fainted as she accidentally giving me the view of her breasts. Nothing underneath those silk... just two plain white soft boobs... I bend down slowly catching up glimpses of the view. The nipples were dark.. solid as for a lady who aged reaching 43 years old.

"..uh..uh.. You can find anything in the internet..." I replied.

"For example?" she asked almost putting all her interest on the screen in front of us.

"Let's said nasi Lemak ... and now I type nasi Lemak on the search engine... and you see links related to nasi Lemak.." I answered.

"Oh.. that's great! No wonder my company encourage us to learn the internet"

I just nodded... trying to hide my hardon.

"Well, I came in to say goodnight and if it not trouble maybe you can teach me how to use the internet.." she said.

"No problem... in fact you can ask me anytime... goodnight.." I replied.. still don't have the juts to touch her.

"Goodnight... sweetie" she bend over and kissed my forehead. Then she left...

The whole night I couldn't sleep. I wanted to masturbate but since we are sharing the same bathroom... it will be easily spotted by Auntie Jackie. So I just let go.. and felt horny for the rest of the night.

Soon, it dragged to morning. I felt asleep and woke up almost at noon. When I came out, everyone was gone... so I just wondered around the rest of the day. Nothing special happened... until dinner finished...

We chatted a bit, and I left for my room. About haft hour time, Auntie Jackie came in and told me to play with Yi Yi(her daughter) for awhile... while she change to something more comfortable to bath her Yi Yi. I agreed.

Few minutes later, Auntie Jackie came in with a white t-shirt and a short... then she brought Yi Yi into the bathroom. As I recalled... she forgot to lock both doors of the bathroom. Soon, I heard laughs from the bathroom. Then continued with splashing and screaming .. giggles. It aroused my curiosity... so I opened the door of the bathroom from my room. Auntie Jackie and Yi Yi still playing with the water in the bathtub ... I stood there joining them ..and laughs.

"Koh koh.. come play" Yi Yi asked.

Still.. I stood there... laughing.

Then Auntie Jackie took my hands and pull me toward the bathtub... slowly I got an erection. Looking at Yi Yi's naked body in the tub... it was the first naked body I ever saw in my entire live... in fact it was a 4 year old girl. Her pussy is white... bare and smooth. Almost like a silk.

Concentrating at Yi Yi body... I lost my sense and suddenly Yi Yi start splashing water on me... so was Auntie Jackie. I couldn't just stay still.. but to get my revenge... soon we end up with great fun... and each of us retrieved for the night.

It was not long, about midnight... I started to feel the rush to pee. So, I on the light of the bathroom and went in to do my "business". As I was peeing... someone opened the other door of the bathroom. I shocked as Auntie Jackie opened the door... standing still leaning on the door. She just stood there looking at me peeing. I didn't hide myself but continued peeing showing her my penis. There was no conversation just staring. When I finished, I left without saying a word at all. All Auntie Jackie did was giving me a smile.

For the rest of the night I kept thinking about the incident in the bathroom. When the next day came, I didn't have the opportunity to see Auntie Jackie. She and Yi Yi went out together with my mom... New Year shopping. Anyway, I spend the rest of the day watching TV.

As nightfall, our house became busy. Relative came over for the most important meal of the year. It was the Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner. Nevertheless, great food was served... as for me it something I never imagine happened. During the dinner, coincidentally I sat right opposite Auntie Jackie... since the table was somehow rectangular shape. As the result of this arrangement, I took the opportunity well. When the dinner reached midway... I slowly took my legs towards Auntie Jackie's. Pretending as serious as possible on my meal, I rub my legs against hers. At once, I noticed that she jerk a little and slowly continued her meal. Occasionally, she stared at me... but there was not a sound or word came out of her mouth indicating that I need to stop. So I continued rubbing my legs with hers all the way through dinner.

Slowly the night past by... with chatting, laughing and playing like those years of New Year eve. Since we have a busy day ahead, we all retrieved to bed early that night. As usual, the first day of New Year, my parents will bring along my grandma to the temple right early in the morning. Then they will pick my sister and I up to have lunch together in our grandma place. So we need to wake early and be prepare before mom and dad came back. In fact that year, it was the same... except Auntie Jackie will be following us.

On that morning, I woke up pretty early... right after mom and dad left. Although it was way too early.. but I was so excited about New Year... so I decided to wash myself up and have an early start. As I opened the bathroom door, I was displayed with the view of nicest thing in the world. Auntie Jackie standing in front of the mirror wiping her face. She haven't changed yet still wearing a white silky chemise. Amazingly.. it was a very low cut chemise... nearly exposing her ass.

Without even thinking about the consequences, I tip-toed toward her... and gave her a big hug from behind.

"Happy New Year.." I whispered.

"Happy New Year.. sweetie.." she replied.

I though she would struggled and ask me to released her... but she didn't instead she continued wiping her face. It was not long... my hands reached her breasts. Then I grabbed them.. massaged them.

"Uuuuhh" she gave a soft moan. She started to struggle... trying to move my hands away from hers. I didn't... as I increased my strength... grabbing tight her boobs.

"Unn" she moaned trying to get away.

But I held her tight from behind .. massaging her breasts... pressing myself against her... as my hardon felt her ass curve. My hands moved in circle giving feeling the breasts I wanted for so long... playing her nipples as they gets hard.

"uh.. uh.. no plllllleeeeasee" she whispered.

I lead forward... and kissed her neck... licking all the way to her ear. She finally gave in.. lead her head back.. trying to kiss me.. soon our lips met.. kissing passionately. I now felt her hand on my left hand... hold mine... she direct they to grab harder on her breast. While the other hand of hers went down to her cunt.. playing it.

Now.. we rhythm together as if we having our first sex together... I kept poking my penis through our clothes touching her ass. She kept pressing her back toward me... trying to feel my hard ...cock as she played with herself. I went on playing with her breasts... nipples.

" no... oh oh oh oh... oh"

"god.. oh god... ah.. ah ..ah ..ah ..ah.. aaaaaaahh" she breathing fast.

Slowly.. I directed my right hand down... feeling the silky material... abdomen.. to the end of her chemise... feeling hairs ..


"Wahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan wahaaaaaaaa wahaaaaaaaa... mummy!"

Yi Yi crying in her room.. we startled by Yi Yi cries... we stopped.

Then Auntie Jackie.. took away my hands..

"We woke up Yi Yi... I need to go.." she said.

I frowned... she to my head and gave me a passionate kiss...

"Happy New Year.." she whispered... as she walked out of the bathroom.

I stood there to regain what had just happened.

For the rest of the day... there were wishing.. chatting... getting "ang pau" ... and eating... almost forgot the incident that morning.

Soon.. everyone was too tired to go on anymore.. so we went home... and headed to bed. I couldn't sleep thinking about that morning. All I did was surfing the net... again I was startled by the alarm clock... indicating it is 12.00 am.

I knew everyone already asleep by then... leaving me alone ... horny not knowing what to do.

Wondering around my room.. finally I pull in all my guts... and walked in the bathroom. I opened the other door... and stepped into Auntie Jackie's room. She on the bed light.. it was dimmed.. but I managed to see her sleeping on one side of the bed while Yi Yi slept on the other. I slowly walked toward the bed... quietly pulled the comforter down... displaying her body... and her legs.

She was wearing a purple silky chemise... tonight... I wanted to touch her.. but afraid to wake her up... I pulled her chemise up... to her abdomen.. exposing her cunt. I didn't wait long ... I pull down my pajamas. I moved up the bed... slowly slide my cock down her cunt.

She still asleep.. as my penis glided into her warm hole. Finally.. the whole thing went in. I began to move out and in... her cunt... giving myself pleasure. Soon I increased my speed... as I began to feel to fun... and excited.

At those moment... I saw her eyes started to open... awaken... she was shocked... seeing that I was on top of her... in her.

I thought ... I will be dead... now!

Instead... she took her hand and put her fingers into my mouth.

"Quiet.." she whispered.

I nodded.. continued fucking her.

Slowly I felt her cunt started to warm up.. wet...

She followed my rhythm ...

As I moved my hands to open down her chemise top.. exposing her bare breasts..

My hands were on her breast.. while our hips moved up and down.. causing the bed to move..

"Mnnh... mnnh... mmnnh...nnnh.....oh oh" the she bit her lips not to let out any sound...

She moved her head left and right.. I pressed deep in her... then pull ... and press and pull... increasing speed...

She hold together.. moving her head... to shown her pleasure.. her hands gripped so strong on the pillow... as we fucked... and fucked...

Our hips moved... up and down... my penis slide out and in.. wetting ... smell of sex... in and out.. I push and pull. Grabbing her breasts... then releasing them..

They bounced up and down ... as I push in and out...

Her body moved... rhythm.. with mine ..

"Mnnh..mnnnh.." she moan.. grabbing pillow moving head..

One squeeze from the muscle of love... I pressed harder in... as my cum.. spurts out.. in and out.. it spurts.. in and out... I pressed harder... she came... jerking so hard on the bed... as orgasm reached by both of us.

Again.. again and again......

I collapsed on top of her...

Awhile she motioned me up... then she pull me toward the bathroom... and to my room.

"Now is my turn..." she whispered... and smiled...pushing me down on my bed......

Then ... whole night we spend fucking...liking... sucking... almost everything I willing to learn from my auntie. By the end of her stay.. we made love almost every corner of the bathroom. Although... she didn't get to learn about the internet... but she promised that she will fixed some times for those lessons.

Since then... we fuck once a month... sometimes more... and now I am so eager to wait for her arrival... her stay again.

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