Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Sec

"Sex is everything everyone fantasizes at. Why not, when it was the greatest thing on earth"

I am still a virgin when I met Mrs. Ong. She was the greatest thing ever happened to me.

Well, let me introduce myself. I am Kevin, 10-year-old, living in PJ. My father has his own business, a forwarding company to be exact and he has 12 employees running the business for him. One of them is Mrs. Ong, his secretary/ accountant. I met her for the first time during my visits to my father office. It was my school holidays and I didn't have anything to do back then. So I followed my father to his office in hoping to learn something out of those visits.

Mrs. Ong is his secretary... organizing his personal appointments and the company financial issues. She was married and had 4 the age of 50, she still look young and a great figure. Above all, she dresses professionally as well as revealing.

Well, I don't why that she started taking interest on me... since I started coming to the office... she always took time to talk to me... ask me about school, friends and etc. Soon... we became close together.

***The Secretary***

The story happened in one afternoon... when dad went out to meet with his clients he left me in his office till he return. So I just wonder around the room... staring out the windows... playing his computer... and so on. But it was not long... Mrs. Ong came in to get some files.

"Oh ..hi ... look like you bored here.." she said

I nodded... "Don't know what to do"

She smiled... "Perhaps... u can help me to find some files which I am looking for.." she asked.

I nodded.

So we searched... and searched... the cabinets.. on top... till the bottom.

Not a single trail... of the files she mentioned.

Soon... I almost give up.. looking around since it was boring.

Mrs. Ong didn't bother but continued looking for those files.

I was sitting on the floor.. so was Mrs. Ong... still searching for the files in the bottom cabinet... spreading her legs for the ease of searching. It became an opportunity... I did not want to miss. My hands slowly moved forward... sliding down... into Mrs. Ong's skirt. Still she did not realize what was about to happen... busy searching for her files.

So.. I motioned my hands.. moving deeper.. into her thighs. My fingers searched for her panty.. silently... I pretending that I am looking away while my fingers touched her panty.

Suddenly.. she stopped... her body shuddered awhile.. I stopped.


She stared at me... I knew this will happen... neither one of us said a word... just exchanging stares. When I was about to loss my courage... intending to say sorry... Mrs. Ong motioned her hands... lifting her skirt up... higher as the view of her panty exposed to my bare eyes.

Finally she gave me.. a smile.. then continued searching for the file.

"What was that?" I thought.. "Definite an indication.."

Without any delay... like a child given a candy.. I seize the opportunity..

My fingers now.. were actively.. caressing her panty. It was a light blue panty.. silky.. as my fingers feel her bush... through the silky material. I didn't really know what to expect... so slide aside the panty.. exposing her pussy. 

Slowly... I felt the warm heat of her womb... it was something new as my fingers slide into the tunnel of love. Exploring like a little child... I felt the walls of hers... rubbing against side by side...

Suddenly... she jerked..

I stopped... somehow my fingers beginning to felt wetness coming out... and the heat begin to increase... slowly my fingers were being squeezed... on and off... on and off.

Mnnh" she moaned... biting her lips so hard.. her body jerk jerk... and jerk.

Mnnh.. mmnh.. she shuddered.. holding my hands with hers.. squeezing so hard like my fingers under... once more shuddered... a final... orgasm.

There was a silent...

Mrs. Ong slowly took my hands away... and cleaned up her skirt. I didn't know what to do but she moved forward ... kissing my forehead. Not long... she left the room without even turning back.

From that on... I was so shocked that I already hurt Mrs. Ong. Since then.. I planned not even step into my dad office ever again. I was hoping to avoid Mrs. Ong... for the reason of not causing her any trouble.

Unfortunately... one day, I received an emergency call from dad asking me to stay at home for the rest of the day. I didn't know why he asked... somehow after two hours later, I saw Mrs. Ong's car approached our front gate.

Soon.. I heard my name being called...

"Kevin...Kevin... Kevin..."

I was in my room... stunned. She opened the door and commented.. "There you are... I am looking for you. Are you alright? You seemed a little pale.."

She approached me on the bed.. where I was at that moment. As she bend over... using her hand to felt my forehead... I got an amazing view of her bosom... wrapping perfectly by her white lacy bra. It was then she caught me staring under her navy blouse. She looked up and smiled.

"Here... don't forget to give these documents to your father.. Ok." She continued.. leaving my room as soon as she dropped off the document on the table.

I nodded.

Suddenly.. she stopped.

"Can I use the bathroom.. I need to go.." she asked turning back.

I just nodded again.

She walked in slowly as if she was giving me a show... then she just stood in front of the toilet bowl. From where I was... I could clearly see her ... facing at a 65' angle. There is no doubt ... the view was like we were facing each other direct opposite. However... once the bathroom door is close... my visibility of Mrs. Ong remain zero.

Surprisingly.. she did not close the door. In fact, Mrs. Ong was looking at me giving a wicked smile... as she slowly lifted up she skirt. Staring at me... she removed her lacy white panty on the floor.

Instantly I got an erection... looking at Mrs. Ong... with her pussy exposed...

Never did I expect ... Mrs. Ong just standing holding up her skirt.

Slowly... water started draining out of her pussy.. spraying all around. Amazing... she was pee in a stand position... 

I too amazed to speak or do anything but stared... she too was staring at me... with her sweet smile.

Not long... she straightened up her skirt and bend over to pick up her panty. Without a word... she threw the panty to me and left.


It was tuesday... when I was in my dad office again. Dad dropped me off so Mrs. Ong could baby-sit me for awhile. Soon... I was in his room... alone playing with his computer before Mrs. Ong came in... bringing me a cup of Milo.

"I think it will be nice to stay here and work so I can have an eye on you.." she said.

"Well I guess... it is fine to me." I replied.

It was very clear... Mrs. Ong was wearing a pink dress with front button all the way. Then she took my seat... as I stood up not knowing where to stay...

Before... I could say anything...

" Kevin could do me a favor..." she asked.

" Ok.."

"Could you massage my feet... they kind of pain.." she asked.

So.. I sat on the floor... lifting her left foot up... slowly massage her foot.

"Uh.. that's nice..." she moaned.

As I massage ..Mrs. Ong right foot moved onto my short... and lay on top of my penis. Instantly.. I got an erection. I ignored... as continued massaging her foot. It was not long... her right foot moved... slowly rubbing it on my penis... through the short. In and out... her foot move... giving an incredible feel ...

In and out... movement became faster... faster... and faster. I hold her other foot... massaging following the rhythm of her stroke... faster.. and faster.. pulling my penis with her toes... and stroking it in out.. with her leg.. she push.. push.. push ...then squeeze.. one hard time..

"Uh...uh uh.. ah... ah... ah... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh" I came.

Feeling... penis jerk... and jerk ... jerk jerk... jerk...  and collapsed.

The feeling like I was peeing but there is nothing ... came out...

Then, there was a silent.

"Thi..thi..." "Mrs. Ong ...line 2"

Mrs. Ong without a word left the room... leaving me alone until dad came back.

For the rest of the night... I kept thinking about Mrs. Ong.... Until I finally decided that there must be something I need to do.

Well, it didn't take long until dad had another overseas business trip. Since there is no one to look after me, dad had asked Mrs. Ong to accommodate me for the period he is not in KL.

It was a day... I never forget for the rest on my life. It was raining heavily that day as dad drop me off at Mrs. Ong's house before he headed to the SJ Airport. The Ong's house is a double storey terrace house... and it is big considering her husband brought it 15 years ago.

For me... I was never being happier when Mrs. Ong greeted me... and letting me into her house. I observed... Mrs. Ong was wearing a spaghetti strap tank top... and a khakis short. It was clearly showed her figure.... Empty and quiet...

" Where are the rest of the members...?" I asked.

"I know it is Saturday afternoon, but Mr. Ong worked till 7.00 today... he is an engineer our know." She replied holding my hand leading me upstairs of the house.

"How about Jenny?" I asked... they have one daughter.

"She is in her room... Jenny! Jenny! Jenny!.." she called for Jenny.

Jenny came out... she was 16 then.

"What mom?"

"Why don't you show Kevin his room.. dear" Mrs. Ong asked.

So I followed Jenny and she showed my room. It was the last room in the house sharing a bathroom with Jenny's.

"If there is anything you need, Kevin don't hesitated to call me.. be careful ok." She left the room soon as she finished.

Soon... I was alone in the room... I started unpacked my stuffs... wondering what I am doing here. It was then I was interrupted by Mrs. Ong's calling...

I rushed down.. heading toward Mrs. Ong. She was in the kitchen ...

"Yes.." I answered.

"Darling to you need something to eat... a sandwich?" she asked.

"Mmn-mnh" I agreed.

"Ok... it will be a minute ok.." she answered... taking hams and vegetables out of the refrigerator. I just stood there... watching Mrs. Ong slicing the hams.. preparing the sandwich... on the sink... with her back facing me.

It was that moment... I had my courage... slowly stepping forward. Taking her without noticed... I moved my both hands hugging and went directly towards her breasts. I stopped at moment waiting ...

"Uh" she gave out a soft moan.

Silent... my hands still holding her breasts... not moving. She startled and stopped. There is a long pause... I suddenly gain more courage and begin massaging her breasts through her tank top. She didn't stop me... instead she slowly continue preparing the sandwich. My hands became more graceful... lifting and weighting both breasts. Soft... and somewhat large... I could tell from playing them through her top. I squeezed and squeezed... not long her nipples hardened... as my hands ran through the top... in circle. She was no wearing a bra... as Mrs. Ong nipples were clearly visible. I took my thumbs and pinched them through the top material. She jumped.

"Ah... ah.. oh god.. oh god... oooooohhhhhhhhhh" she came.

It was erotic as her body slide up and down... rubbing mine. I followed her rhythm .. rubbing her breasts faster and faster... until she gave out a final shuddered.



Mrs. Ong quickly break us off... and straightened up herself. I immediately sat on the chair in the kitchen pretending nothing had happened. Hearing Jenny foot steps coming down the stairs... she called.. ""

"Yes, honey.. I am in the kitchen. What's the matter?" Mrs. Ong asked.

"Mom... I need to go to Kristin's home. We had to discuss on the project coming up soon." Jenny.

"What time are you going to come back..?" Mrs. Ong.

"Well.. I think I will have dinner in Kristin's place.. if that is fine with you" Jenny.

"Ok.. just take care." Mrs. Ong.

"Bye..bye.." as I hear the door closed continued with foot steps coming towards the kitchen.

Mrs. Ong came in and smiled... heading toward the sandwich. She took it and hand it to me. Then she sat on looking at me. I was confused and all I did was took the sandwich.

She gave a smiled... then stood up. I ignored and continue eating. Not noticing...

She sat on top on me... her short was removed... what I was displayed was her bare pussy... hairy.

I stunned ... dropping my sandwich to the floor... Mrs. Ong slowly opened my short.. exposing me hard on. With one pushed... she sat down.. bring my penis straight into her womb. I almost jumped! Feeling the heat of a warm wrapping hole.

"Oh god... you have a size of a young man..." she said slowly sliding down her top strap. Her breasts exposed in front of me. I didn't hesitate and went straight towards them like a baby sucking and sucking.

"Oh..yes.. suck them.." she said as she moved up and down... riding me.

I saw my penis being slide in and out of Mrs. Ong's pussy. Incredible.. I try to help.. thrusting it in and out ... as she ride me.

"No.." she stopped me.

"Darling... just stay..and relax.." she said. But it didn't stop me.. I came.. feeling pee.. and pee and pee...

Mrs. Ong smiled.. and closed her legs .. squeezing her pussy closer. I suddenly felt a tremendous... pressure squeezing my penis.. as I continue jerk and jerk inside her. It was nicer.. I knew she try to increase my pleasure.

Soon.. it stopped. I realized I had just loss my virginity.

"It that good... darling.." she smiled and slowly move her body up and down again.. I saw my penis went in and out.. somehow the feeling is not strong like before... I already came".

I was wrong.. a minute later... penis started to grow... result from feeling of her rubbing... riding...

"Ah.." she moaned feeling my penis grow inside.

"Yes... raise for momma.. yes.. yes.. oh oh.. mmmmmh" she ride faster.

The rate became faster.. I grab my both hands to her back.. she ride..

My penis feel warmer... and warmer... it became slippery...

"Oh.. Kevin.. oh Kevin.. oh oh oh... oh Keevin" she moaned.

Mrs. Ong so strong... as my penis was so hard being squeezed down.. on and off. She give another push... feeling my penis deep into her wall... through the end of her tunnel.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh... sooo big" she screamed.

I try to hold.. with the rate of that.. she push in and out... staying still I felt my entire strength concentrated on my penis feeling to explode.

"Uh.. uh... uh uh... ah ... uh uh  uh .. yes yes yes yes... " she hammer herself against me... she shuddered... one.

Two.. I came exploding into her warm hole... she pushed once more.. I jumped up.. causing both of us felt on the floor... keep fucking ... as we came.

Came.. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

The kitchen filling with our scream .. and collapsed.

Hold each other... and kissed passionately. Long.

"I love you" Mrs. Ong said.

"I love you too" I replied.

"You will always my number one... come we better clean up..." she hold me and we headed to the bathroom. We cleaned up together and ready for dinner.

Things were normal all night long. I never got alone with Mrs. Ong for the rest of the stay. Still we had great sex together when even we can... usually Mrs. Ong will pick me up from school and head straight to her place. It was great fun... having a lover as well as mother around. But deep inside... we know we are lovers.

For few years past... dad died in an accident leaving the company to Mrs. Ong. Due this event, Mrs. Ong left her husband. Soon she became my foster mom... staying with me as presumably by outsiders. Somewhere inside... we have sex more often than anything in the world. I never left her... till today. And sex is what we need.

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