Monday, 29 October 2012


Here is something to share about, like usual a couple of us like to sat down, drink and brag about our sexual encounter. Here is a story from one us whose cousin staying in Singapore. The cousin is currently 2nd year of NSU…and story begin in his first year.


It was his 1st year of NSU, entering 2nd semester he took photography class for extra credits. While struggling to find volunteer model for his assignment, one day when he was arriving home from uni… his godmom was visiting his mother. Seeing the trouble he got… his mother suggested him to asked his godmom to be his model. Immediately his godmom agreed in return.. he need to help her to take a family photo session before her daugther took off to Melbourne for her uni.


So… after his photoshoot and also the family session, he thanked his godmom and sent those photos to her through facebook. So he started messaging his godmom.. usually at nights since his godmom was so free when the daugther left for Australia.

They message each other almost every nights…until one day his godmom invited him to join her sunday jogging session.


That Sunday, his godmom picked him up and drove to her usual jogging park. They jogged and chats along. During the session, he commented his godmom have a good figure… it was then his godmom has suggested whether he can do another photo shoot of her. He agreed and appointment was set after his class in the afternoon of the following wednesday. On the Wednesday, his godmom was already at the uni gate picking him up. They had lunch and soon headed back to to her condo in Queenstown. Then they started the photoshoot in her condo. At first she dressed normal… later it became dinner dress and more glamour. They ended up shoot in her bedroom but nothing had happened and called it a day.


Later that night, he sent those softcopies of the photos to her.. and they chat on the facebook. She was happy and suggesting it can go a little sexy. His cousin dare her and soon another appointment was set. It was Wednesday again, he was so anxious when his godmom came out with summer dress… revealing her cleavage. Soon, the dress became shorter and sexier, and he kept shooting her. The session soon turned into her bedroom…his cousin was shocked when his godmom dressed her summer dress without bra. Her nipples were clearly outlined on her dress…his cousin had a hard time shooting. After a long half hour… they finished the shooting session and call it a day. That night, they were chating and the cousin sent the photos to her. She commented it was a bit sexy.. and asked him to comment. His cousin was totally stunned and told her was very sexy. She laughed and hoped his cousin didn’t post those photos to others. They laughed.. it was then she commented that his cousin wouldn’t use those photos for masturbation. It was a silent… before she dare that him about the masturbation. He did reply what if he dare… and she asked to proof it. His immediately masturbate and cum… without thinking, he shooted the picture of his penis and cum. Right then posted to his godmom. It was a wow from her… and she called it a night.


His cousin was a bit frustrated the next day. Anyway, later that day.. when he back home his mother has instructed him to stay at his godmom place on that weekend as his godmom is having a party and in need of someone to help out. He was surprised… and later that night he messaged his godmom. His godmom managed to get his mom’s approval so he can stay over for the weekend. She want another session of photo shoot and it might get late to the night so he better stay.


It was Saturday …he arrived his godmom condo ard everning. His godmom cooked dinner and they had dinner. Soon.. she wanted to start the photo session and invited him to shoot in the bedroom. After a few shots of sexy dress… his cousin requested his godmom to change dress. While she was standing there thinking which dress to wear… his cousin slowly suggest and pointed at the satin nightie. His godmom asked whether he can stand.. he nodded. In front of him she change into the nightie and photo shoot continued. After a few shoots.. she clearly showed her pussy to him it was then he moved and kissed her. Then he removed his clothes and hers. He was on her… making love till midnight.


His affair going on for 6 mths.


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