Friday, 26 July 2013


Here is something to share about, like usual a couple of us like to sat down, drink and brag about our sexual encounter. This one is a bit harsh experience to accept so bare with me.. as the first time we talked about it.. we were upset as well. One of us was mentioned about a colleague of his recently resigned as he was dragging a divorce case with his wife for 6mths. So we asked what has happened..


His colleague- Alex was married to the wife - Christine  as soon as they got out of university and stay together ever since. So Alex is an engineer while Christine is an auditor… Alex and Christine are university sweet heart and felt in love and got married. To Alex, Christine is a typical nice and plain girl who don’t try anything new even choosing her under wear. So they have married for 8 years and still no planning to have children yet.


But things started to change last year… Christine started to buy sexy panties, bra and eventually led to sexy lingerie. Alex didn’t suspect anything as he was busy and travel outstation often. Eventually, things burst out when one day Alex got an email from someone named  K… mentioning that his wife is having an affair. At first, Alex didn’t believed it so replying to K it was bullshit. It was the next email got Alex so shocked that crushed his heart. According to Alex, the email written the details of the affair, how it happened as well as 2 photos of his wife in sexy pose. Alex asked K out but no reply which finally he confronted his wife with the photos. Christine was shocked with the photos… as Alex was upset. Christine begged Alex for forgiveness and told Alex everything as requested by Alex.


The Affair (Christine confession)


After 7 years in the company, today a batch of new recruits has arrived. K was assigned to my team. I was directly given instruction to train K so I did by showing him around the company and etc. During lunch time, I got to know K a bit graduated from UPM Serdang, staying in KL with family and only 21 year old.


Things seem to be normal for a couple of weeks before one of mine team member got admitted to hospital for dengue fever. Basically left me and K to finish up the audit report. Since we are short of manpower, I suggested K and I to do OT. On the second day, around 8pm it was all started… I noticed K kept picking stationery from the floor. I was wondering why he is not concentrating on the report… eventually I figured out. He was looking up my skirt! I was stunned awhile trying to regain what happened. So I waited K to pick his stationery next and so I turned down also and caught him.


“What are you doing ?”

“Uhhh.. picking thing up..”


After that… K didn’t pick thing up…continued working.

The third day, we are almost finished the report… again K started picking up things.

This time I didn’t bother to catch him… unless he started to annoy me. I don’t know what had got into me that morning, I purposely took my maroon panty with lace and wear it. Hoping K will peep on my panty… thinking no harm as I still have attraction.

After a few peeps which I pretend not to bother but eventually my body did react to this filtration and my vagina started to get wet. It was so wrong of me since I am married and then this young man who 9 years younger kept sneaking on my panty.

So we finalized the report and when home… that night Alex and I had a great outstanding love making coz I am so horny.


For two weeks, we were out for auditing so.. nothing much had happened. Soon in a day or two it will be office and writing report. That weekend, Alex and I went shopping so I deliberately wanted to change my under wears… so I end up buying 3 sets of match bras and panties. (In my hearts I was flush with excitement. .it was so wrong- one satin black, one white laced, one purple lace where the panty is partial transparent)


Writing report days finally arrived, I took the liberty to wear the white laced set of bra and panty that day along with my white blouse and black mini skirt. It was till 8pm, the office left two of us again… the other member just left as he need to pick up his wife. After awhile, I took off my jacket… leaving of my white blouse continue working. Then.. K was gone under the table.. I knew it! So I turn down also..


“Hey.. again”

“Huh.. nothing lah” caught red handed.

“Hahaha… very funnyleh”

“Nolah nothinglah…”

There was a silent under the desk… before I somehow burr out “Don’t get too distracted leh…and make sure don’t distract me.”


So I resumed back up and continued my work. K followed shortly. About 15 mins into it… K smiled at me and he was gone under again. My heart was pounding.. knowing he is peeping. Out of the sudden, I parted my legs wider…letting him to see a better view. That is how I approved our flirtations. When he went back up.. he just smiled, no conversation at all. The 2nd day.. it was the black satin and the 3rd was the purpled set.


I was so wet… when reach home… unfortunately Alex didn’t responded to me. It was the 4th day, I am sooo daring half way through work… I took out my panty in the toilet.  I wanted to see the face of K…when he look under my skirt. I have to waited around 9pm… where the other colleague took off. I was so busy concentrating on the report that I didn’t notice K was under the desk…it was when he made the choking sound. I quickly squad under….he looked at me.



“Pen fallen down…”

“Hahaha.. know what you saw..”

“Huh..seem like someone is naughty”

“Glad you like it…”

“Very much…”


So we resumed our work. This issue never mentioned by anyone of us till one day while I was having lunch with K. He kept starring at me… so I asked


“What ..something wrong?’

“No, just you look very nice today”

“What are you thinking… in your naughty mind… get a girlfriend” I know that time he is single.

“No, really you look nice.”

“Come on… if you trying to seduce me your chances is zero. I am married ok”

“Yahh, as though I didn’t see under your skirt”

“Sssshhhh, it was just out of sudden fun, nothing else ok”

“Come on, like  you never think about it. At least I am frank, I got hard-on every time you do that, you know”


“Well, like it or not… I will prove my chances is not zero.”

“Come on, get a girlfriend”

“Yah… as though I got lots of experience..”

“Really tell me…”


Me and my busy body.. kept asking K about his girlfriend… He told me he got one in Uni, and broke off during last of uni. They didn’t even manage to go all the way – making love just heavy petting. He even told me he fingered her till she came. That lunch, I am so wet again.


Eventually, there are occasionally sms between K and me on phone. Luckily Alex didn’t suspect. I was in dilemma but felt nice at least like someone is courting me.

As long as I didn’t break the line…thinking eventually K will found a girlfriend and wont pay attention to me… perhaps I am just his close buddy. I was wrong, guy is still guy, he will work to get what he want sex. It was one particular night (two weeks later), I called K to pick a report from my home since I forgot to leave it in the office. I needed to submit the report since I took the next morning off to pick up Alex from airport. So K agreed to help… I am glad but didn’t think this has lead to something I loss control.


I told K to park at my condo in door car park so I will go downstairs to pass to him. When K called, I rushed downstairs… he parked at a corner well the level was usually empty since it is a visitor area… of course it is 11pm already. I jumped into the passenger seat.


“Wow..” K commented


“You realized you are like running around almost naked leh”


Then I realized that I am just wearing a white spaghetti-t and short…worst I didn’t had my bras on! So K just stared…


“Sorry… I am at home ...ok”

 I told him what to do… into 5 mins, he just started to stare at me… specially my spaghetti-t.


“Come on…”

“Ahhh.. how can I concentrate….”

“Ah..yah… you lucky already got to see me in this stage”

“Your breasts look nice…the nipples are so erected” K whispered

Hearing him saying that…immediately coz me wet.

“Stop that… it is just cold you know”

“But it is really very hard to concentrate leh…”

“Come on listen…”


I kept explaining the last bits to K… but didn’t realized that his hand already placed on my lap.


“Can I touch…just once…” his hand already rubbing my lap.

“No…please don’t later it is too far…” I didn’t stop his hand thinking just a touch.

Then I continued explaining pretending I didn’t aware… his fingers already at the band of my shorts. It was a little gesture I adjusted my body letting his hand slide into my shorts and my panty. I still explaining he just looked and I just talk like normal.

His fingers slowly reaching my labia.. I am so wet and my heart is pounding thinking whether to let him continue. Before I could decide.. his fingers already massaging my pussy. I let a soft moan..




I continued talking.. with interruptions. His fingers was massaging my clitoris …I jerk abit and moan. At that time… it was all blank, the pace started to get faster… my body followed his rhythm …I wanted him to put the fingers in my pussy… but he only massaged my clitoris until I moan and moan… it was then I jerk and jerk to orgasm.


“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, huh huh huh huh huh”


He looked at me and smiled.


“Naughty..” I just replied


I quickly passed the report to him… and took off.

What have I done… so much guilt but the same time exciting. The whole night I couldn’t sleep kept rewinding the incident in the car park.

The following work day, it was so much silent till lunch time…K invited me to have lunch. I accepted it.


“I am sorry about that night, I hope didn’t do more damage” K apologized

“I am so confuse that is all, but it time to stop as it has reach the borderline ..ok”



So we both agreed to stop… we chat again during lunch like normal.

Things have been back to normal for a week…until that particular day Alex and I supposed to have a dinner date at a restaurant near my office- Pavillion. Anyway, when I reached Pavillion, Alex called that our date need to be cancelled since he got a meeting. So I wondered off around Pavillion till I smsed K whether he can join me for dinner. After awhile, K showed up… and we had dinner with normal chit-chat.

Then… we were wondering around Parkson, I am looking at dresses for the annual dinner. K was gladly giving me some opinion.. so I decided to try a few of the dress.

When I was about to try the last piece… a sms appeared.


** How were the dresses?

** I am into the last piece.

** So which one you choose?

** Why don’t u take a picture and mms me?

** Wait


So I tried on the last piece and took photo of myself.. mms K.


** Wow… this one look great


Indeed I like this piece also.. I was about reply his sms


** U have nice body

** Yes I like this piece also

** How about take a picture without the dress for me?


I didn’t realized what I was doing.. so just took off the dress. I posed with my black satin bra and panty…took a shoot and mms to K.


** Wow…nice but you need to upgrade your lingerie

** Naughty


So I came out of the fitting room…K kept staring at me. I paid the dress… then we parted.


Annual dinner have arrived… that night I dressed with the dress I bought in Pavillion. It indeed look great… K entire time was staring at me. By the end of the dinner… I am a bit tipsy after a few drinks. So some of my colleagues offer to send me home… since I am driving I refused. Somehow… I accepted K offer to drive my car home.. since he came to the dinner by LRT and he will take a taxi home once he sent me off.


Once we reached my condo… K asked whether he need to sent me up to my house. I nodded… as Alex was outstation. We managed to get into my house…. K put me on the sofa.


“Wow… your house look nice”

“Hahaha ..thanks”

“Let me get you a hot water..”

“It is in the kitchen…”


So K took me some hot water and we just lied on the sofa… it was long I finally woke up. K was still sleeping… I knew we had been sleeping on the sofa for an hour.



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