Thursday, 24 April 2014


I woke up and K already awake…staring at me. I am still abit tipsy and then K took my left hand and placed my hand on his pant.

I still unaware of what happening… it was then K did next shocked me. He slided my hand into his pant… let me touch his penis.

Once I aware of it… his pant already drop on the floor and guiding my hand to hold his hard penis. He is sliding my hand holding his penis up and down.


“Huuu…ahh ahh ahh…” he moaned

I was  shocked…but it was too late as my hand is holding his penis moving up and down. It didn’t take long… when I realised that my pussy was dripping wet too.

So I started stroking his penis faster and faster.. in my mind there is no harm done where I am merely helping a young man to release his load.


I keep on stroking…


“Ah..ah..ah… ah yessssssssss” K came and spurting his sperm all over.

I looked at K “You better wash up…I need to get some rest”


K went into the toilet and wash. Later he came out “Goodnight and thanks”

I lead him to the door and he kissed my cheek before he left.

So I was left alone, wondering what had happened… am I going too far? Sure K will want somemore… or can I stop him or even myself.

I am so guilty.



Things got along normal for a week…as we are out auditing. Till one day.. it was actually few days before christmas, K and I were staying late for report.

Suddenly, K brought up a present to me… with nice christmas wrapping.


“Christmas gift.. thanks for all your guidance”

“Wow..first time I got gift from a colleague”

“Hope you like it”


I open the gift… what inside was a little surprised. It is a pink satin g-string… as I slowly take it out from the box.


“Why are you giving this to me… come on like I am going to wear it”

“Why not?” he puzzled.


“It is so uncomfortable….”

“Haven’t you think of wearing something sexy… something new? Honestly have you been experimenting naughty things these few weeks.”

“Yah.. but this is  different”


“Come on… just try once …if you don’t like it… you can throw away. I won’t be angry”


Then it is quiet… we resume our work. In my mind, I was thinking.

I struggled a few days whether to wear the g-string … of course I hid it away from Alex. Finally, it was last day of our report work in the office…that morning I waited Alex to leave work… then I went back to the room and changed my panty to the g-string.


All the time… when I was driving to office… I am so excited and my pussy was very wet. The thin material of the g-string is even giving me itchy feeling on my lower body…as well as my pussy. No wonder ladies who wear them tend to want sex… now I knew it.


Work was as usual… stressful…not until I realized everyone in the office started leaving…so it was 730pm. K pat me at back…


“Heh want to grab something to eat first.. before we finished up…”



In the café… K noticed me a bit uneasy..

“What’s wrong with you today… you look uneasy..”

“Huh… yes it is a bit difficult you know wearing…” I whisper

“Oh… you wear it today… wow, I wish I can see … can I” he whispered

“Of course not…so embarrassing you know”




Then we continued our work in the office. No one was around anymore. Soon K dropped his pen… and he went under the table. I just pretended working… it was long and K is not coming up. Suddenly there was a pair of hands holding my legs.


“What are you doing..”

“Please can I see…just once, please..”


Before I could answered… his hands already parted my both legs…simultaneously lifting my mini skirt up all the way up ..showing my g-string.


“Ahhh..” I shuddered ..his fingers already rubbing my g-string.

Then I just bit my lips… as K rubbing my g-string… I could felt my pussy was so wet already.

“You are sooo wet…” K sounded


“Huuh… huh..huh huh…donnn’t, K pleeaasee stop” I am moaning.

But it was too late, K’s fingers already sliding to my pussy and started to massage my

clitoris. It was too sensitive to handle…


“Ahhhhh… uh uh uh uh…” I moaned

My lower body is moving rhythm along with his finger massage.


“Huh..huh..huh…ahhhhhhhhh.” my juice just flowed out… so much.

At that point of time… I already cannot control.


“K… please put a finger in me…. Huhuhuhuh”

He did as I told…. I could feel his finger poking in me….and I had orgasm…


“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” my body jerked and jerked.


After minutes… I just got up and cleaned myself in the toilet.

So… I couldn’t bare the guilty and I call it a day…leaving K working alone.


Things went busy… till we back to office. First day… K  already put a package on my table. When I went home and opened it, it was another g-string satin in purple. It didn’t need much thinking, I wore it on the next day.


When everyone left the office, I stayed back so was K. 30 minutes after, K came over to my desk.


“So… you managed to see what in the package?” K asked

“Well… I guess you not going to find out…too bad” I replied


K was so daring…that he just put his hand each on each of my foot. Slowly parted my feet… exposing the purple satin g-string I am wearing.

 Without delay, his fingers are roaming on my panty… then into my pussy. I moaned…and moaned. I let him touched my pussy… rubbing my clitoris. I even asked him to move his fingers faster and deeper in my pussy… I was soo wet.

It was so good letting him to invade my pussy… knowing it so naughty.


I came twice that night…before parted… K french kissed me… and I allowed it.



Things went uneventful for a week…. we just texted each other greetings and I try to remind K that we should stop this game of ours, but K didn’t give up and keep giving compliments on how I dress and etcs. Report week has reached last day… and next monday we are going to audit another company near Nilai... so K suggested that he pick me up and straight headed to the company since it is far… so I agreed as only two of us will be auditing the company.


On Sunday night…I received text from K as followed..


K *What time should I pick you up?

    *I think around 830am

K *Ok… is your husband be around?

    *Nope…he usually left at 800am

K *Good


K *I will buy you breakfast… we can eat at your place ok? Since we got an hour    




That night…I kept thinking K might be cheeky on the breakfast thing and it play my mind so much.


Next morning.. when Alex left for work… I decided not to shower first instead I opened my wardrobe and took out my silver satin chemise. I was not thinking straight…I just wear it and even removed my panty out.


Then I hear the door bell… K was in front of the door.


“Wow… you haven’t get ready”

“Yup… Help yourselves… in the kitchen…” I replied


Then I went back to the room thinking to head straight for shower as now I am guilty already. As I was about to head to the bathroom…K was behind of me hugging me.


“K…no this is bad” I told him

It was too late… as his hands already on my both breasts…playing my nipples.

“I am a naughty boy” he whispered and started kissing my neck.


I stood there letting my nipples been played… till I felt K penis sliding on the my back.


“See you also naughty didn’t have any panty” he parted my legs…

“Don’t do this K” I moaned as his penis has touched my pussy lips from the back.


With one push..K has entered me. I am so wet.


“Ahhhhhh…………why you so naughty…”I moaned

He is pushing deeper into me.

“Arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. don’t” I can’t stop him anymore.


K is now pumping in and out his penis in my pussy. The wetness and itchiness in my pussy is so intense…that I couldn’t hold back…so I came.


“Huh…huh huh…huh huh…….commminnngg”I shouted…my body just shuddered.

I just collapsed on the floor.


“Huh?” K was looking at me as I just pull away from his penis.


“Shhhh….wait” I need the rest as my orgasm so heavy.


It was a minute… K just stood there with his frown face. I moved to the bed… then I spread my legs…and smile to him.


“Come….” I whispered

K without hestitation…. just jump on the bed… and entered me again.

He pump and pump…enjoying his prized gift.


“Ahhh..mmmh sooo nice… make me soo naughty boy” he moaned.

I just followed his rhythm …trying to squeeze his penis with my pussy….K like it

So much…that he keep pumping faster and faster.


“Oooo … ooo… I aammm cumiinnngg” K shouted but he still continued pumping..

The itch in my pussy was so tremendous… as I could felt his sperm spurt into my pussy…I move faster and fast… until I came… shortly after.


We both hugged together… then I finally awake that I did something very very wrong.


“Better go to shower now… or we will be late”


K followed me into the bathroom… we showered together… and packed our things off to work.